more pics Been gone for a min Now I'm back! 4mo post-op Dr. Jimerson

I want to start off by thanking I...

I want to start off by thanking I love watching dreams come true for people just like me. We are all here for the same reason and the beauty of each persons story is what motivated me to "make it happen". Hopefully I can be a help to somebody else here.

I have never had a butt. Boy shape with a C cup. No hips or nothing. I'm top heavy (fat arms, back fat, and belly) if I don't watch my weight. I stand 5'7" and about 145lbs. I just had my first child (gained over 80lbs) just 5mo ago. I lost all my weight so one doctor told me to gain 15-20lbs more to get the big ol butt! Now I changed doctors and Dr. J Curves suggest I loose a few lbs. WOW! Talk about a roller coaster...I hope I can do it in time (mid-Aug).

I want the hour-glass so I am paying to add hips and to lipo my upper back fat too. I wish I could lipo my arms too but I'll just try to do some arm workouts.

I am very excited about getting my BBL and I pray nothing gets in my way. I've waited long enough!!!
I did my homework and found the right doctor for me. The office staff has been professional and very nice (so far). I would say the doctor gave it to me straight. He told me I would have to have mini TT to get my belly flat since my crazy preg weight gain caused some serious ab damage :-(

On the briaght side we should be able to make it somewhat better with lipo. I sure hope the good will out way the bad. Since I never had and waist line or hips and no butt before I'm sure I'll be happy with that. Atleast I wont be with all my junk in the front and none in my trunk any longer!!! lol

I have to pay off my balance by Aug 9 in order to keep my date. I also need to get my lab work done and book flight plus hotel. I really want to road trip home laying in the back all the way back from ATL. Not sure I want to fly back and risk killing my fat cells. (What if it's bumpy and they never turn off the fasten seat belt light...I cant get fat may die)

I will add updates as I go. Please feel free to add comments. I would love to hear from anyone who cares to share :-)

Posted pics of my "FAT". I'm so happy to recycle...

Posted pics of my "FAT". I'm so happy to recycle it!!! Going Green lol
I not as short as Kim K but her before and after is nice. Butt (lol) let's not forget Stacey Dash!

Omg. Some girls are on here still seeking butt...

Omg. Some girls are on here still seeking butt the streets...the kind that kill u!!! I wish there was a way to put an end to this. So sad.

Ok I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Talked with the...

Ok I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Talked with the patient coordinator today and I need to loose about 10lbs and tone. The weightloss isn't too bad but the TONE part is killing me. I've never had tone!!! Sucks you can't buy tone :-( FML!!! )-:

I'm going to try the insanity workout. I need results and I don't have all day!

Talk about the truth hurts...I could spend $10,000.00 and still need work! Never knew it would take so much to feel good about myself again.

Still sad and feeling like unless I pay another...

Still sad and feeling like unless I pay another $8,000.00+ I'm going to be walking around with a gutt with my new butt. Not cute. I'm still trying to figure out why I can't get a flat belly. This is such BS!!!
My boyfriend lost my insanity workout disc so I'm feeling even more upset because I want to see what I can do to flatten my belly since my budget can't help me with this issue!

Talked to a different person at Dr.J office and...

Talked to a different person at Dr.J office and I'm feeling much better. Now I've got to get this medical clearence done in the morning. Wish me luck dolls. :-)

Damn it. My blood pressure is still high. I never...

Damn it. My blood pressure is still high. I never had a Bp issue but during pregnancy I developed preeclapsia and was really bad off. After I went home with my baby it wasn't better I was rushed in and had to stay another 2 weeks for them to get me under control. I left the all that in my past thinking I was ok and didn't need any meds. I guess I was wrong. 5 mo later I still have high Bp. So I'm going to have to delay my bbl. (sad face) but at least now I know its not going to just go away. I have to take meds. Could be worse.

I didn't know my blood pressure issue would push...

I didn't know my blood pressure issue would push my bbl back 8 weeks but dt j wont do it any sooner. I agree better safe than sorry. will this gives me more time to get the extra weight off and tone more. Thinking about getting my permanent make-up touched up in the meantime. Gotta do something lol. I'll post a review for this too. Lol. Eyebrows and lips.

So today I start my weightloss/wellness mission to...

So today I start my weightloss/wellness mission to loose 10lbs and lower my blood pressure. Headed to whole foods to get stocked up on everything I'll need for the week.

Happy now that I have finally got a call back from...

Happy now that I have finally got a call back from somebody and i got my questions answered! I hear dr j has been really busy which is great! All of the staff there are very good at providing information in a professional yet friendly manner. New date Oct 11th 7am!!!
10-11-12 the day of the "@$$"!

My bbl dreams have forced me to seriously get my...

My bbl dreams have forced me to seriously get my overall heather together. Being pregnant I got used to so many things that became wrong. Even after having my baby I ignored my health issues thinking everything would go back to normal when I loose all the baby weight! Well I am finding out my weight loss didn't fix my pregnacy induced high blood pressure, nor my pregnancy induced gum disease. It's crazy how I forgot brushing shouldn't cause bleeding. Or that daily headache or chest pain isn't ok. Over the last year that was the norm for me and being so focused on the baby I just really let myself go. I just found out gum disease is linked to heart disease and i just found out I have both! It sucks but as long as I get it all under controll I can still get my new booty! So today I had $2200 worth of dental care to fix my gum disease. No insurance.
Now I also have to be cleared by an cardio or internal med dr and continue taking blood pressure pills.
My motivation behind getting me together is now not only my booty but my baby girl. Being healthy for her is serious. I can't believe I've let my self go so bad! I feel like a bad mommy but I'm going to be all good soon and looking good too soon. Just one thing at a time. One day at a time.

I am trying to decided if I will need to hire help...

I am trying to decided if I will need to hire help beyond post op day 5. I would like to think by day 5 I'm able to care for my 7 mo old and move around doing the basics by myself. What do you ladies think? I'm on a serious budget now

Yesterday I called the office to make a payment...

Yesterday I called the office to make a payment and talk about my concerns. The office was busy but I didn't feel rushed with Michelle at all. I needed to talk about my medical clearence. I want to avoid paying more than once if I know I may not clear due to a changes with my blood pressure medication. She understood and told me it would be better to give the new meds time and to add an iron pill. So I still have time to get it together and avoid pushing my Sx back again! I have been doing well with my weight loss. I only want to loose about 5-7 more lbs. I'm looking to be 150-155lbs for Sx and I still have over 3 weeks to make it happen. I made another payment and need my new balance because I am not paying all cash now I'm financing $5,000. Does anybody know how much for just the bbl without the cash discount? I also forgot to ask about extra lipo areas...I don't want mo lipo on my legs. They are small enough and my man thinks they are too skinny as it is. The insides barely touch. Since this is an area included that I don't want or need I'd like to get my arms done instead. This should be a fair trade and I break even on the cost. But I don't know if it will affect my bbl results if lipo is not done to the thighs so I will have to find out. Last concern that I am having is flying back with my baby and having to stand. I was going to take the Amtrak train home and get a room on the train to lay down but it's going to take 2 days to get home. I'd have to pay for another hotel since its goes from Atl to overnight in New Orleans then to Houston. I need to make my mind up on the best way to get home with the little one. Traveling with the baby on the plane and having to stand most of the flight sounds like doing too much. My baby is 20lbs and I don't know how much I'll be able to stand up holding her.

So this weekend I tried to get all my ducks in a...

So this weekend I tried to get all my ducks in a row! Flights rental car and hotel. I just found out the dr office is 1 hr away from the Atl this right? Well my pre-op time has to be pushed back. I can't get a flight into Atl any earlier than 10:45a and my pre-op is at 11:00a. Hopefully it's not too big of a deal to move it back on the same day.
Also I can only stay 9 days...they say really is this a big deal? I am going to have my Mom drive me in a rental that way she can easily go get anything we need. As for the return trip I will be flying. 2 hr nonstop flight home beats all my other options. Hopefully my boyfriend will fly down. I pray he will. I know I will need help flying back with the baby.
My blood pressure is looking great thx God!!! I have been taking iron too so hopefully the Cbc test will be fine. I'm going to go for my medical clearence later this week or early next week.
I got the best advise ever on here not to pay for all the extra lipo up front. It's better for me to wait and see what is actually needed when the dr sees me in person! So I guess the good news is I already made my last (upfront) cash payment!!!!!! Yayyy.
Wish me well. Lord knows I don't need nothing else to pop up. #SocloseIcanseeit!

Omg. Now I find out I have to stay 10-14 days!!!...

Omg. Now I find out I have to stay 10-14 days!!! Really?!? Did anybody else with dr j stay this long? Oh this is going to cost too much!!!! WTH. Somebody needs to open a damn recovery house.

Medical clearance in the morning. This is the 2nd...

Medical clearance in the morning. This is the 2nd time around and I pray there's not a third. Hopefully everything is all good with my labs. My blood pressure meds have been working well but I made a big mistake and had something high in sodium. It jacked my blood pressure all up. Damn it! I am so mad at myself but it's done now. I will check after I take my meds in the morning and hopefully my blood pressure is back normal. Sucks because my appt is at 9am. Not much time to get it right. Wish me luck y'all. I need it!!!

Well I sure hope there's some truth in the third...

Well I sure hope there's some truth in the third time charm. I will be pushing Sx. Ack yet again!!! So unhappy but I gotta get this blood pressure right! Changed meds the other wasn't working well n was causing my hair to fall out. I was just going to change my name to amber rose, running around with a big butt and no hair. Lol. I guess we shall see how I do on this new med. follow up in 2 weeks and if all is well my new date will be Nov 9th.

Finally excited again for my new date. 4 weeks...

Finally excited again for my new date. 4 weeks away and I'm going for med clearence on Tuesday. Keeping my fingers n toes crossed. So far so good. I am going to stay positive :)
I called and found out financing is approved for up to 90 days. Good news for me since I had to change my date.

Yayyyy!!!! Finally passed my medical clearence....

Yayyyy!!!! Finally passed my medical clearence. The third time really was the charm for me. I am so excited. It's been a very long road just getting to this point. I ordered the makemeheal pills for pre and post op. they are a few $ cheaper on and come straight from
I am trying to drop a few more lbs in the neck 3 weeks just to be sure I am just right. I don't want too much fat that I still have fat that he can't lipo all of it from my problem areas. This back has got to go. All of it!!! The belly muscles are ruptured so I can only do so much at this point. No tummy tuck this time. I'm going to see how much my over all body is improved thru the fat transfer and body sculpting. I am seriously thinking about doing these arms too. I just don't want scars :-( maybe he can go in the arm pit...not much info about arm lipo for me to really know if it's worth it or not. I guess I will just see what Dr j says at my pre op NOV 8th. I am READY! The countdown starts now

Just saw a preview for TI & Tiny show featuring Dr...

Just saw a preview for TI & Tiny show featuring Dr. J. I can't wait to see this episode. As my Sx gets closer and closer I am getting more and more excited!!!! Just can't wait.

I've been working out my arms like crazy. I feel...

I've been working out my arms like crazy. I feel like they are getting tighter but not smaller. I also wanted to drop a few more lbs but I have watched the scale go up :-( this is sad for me because I don't know if I just need to take in less calories or what. The saying muscle weighs more than fat maybe true but I'm trying to look better and weigh less. I'm going for a good hard run in the am to kick my cardio into overdrive so hopefully this helps.

Like Many of my bbl sisters I will be hosting a...

Like Many of my bbl sisters I will be hosting a watch party at my place tonight. My man is going to think I'm crazy when I make a big production out of this by decorating the house with all my big booty wish pictures and even baking a cake in the shape of a big booty!!! This will be so funny. I can't wait to see his face when he gets home from work.

Im so excited that all my close friends and family, from coast to coast, can meet the man who will soon make my dream come true :)

It's officially official now! I finally decided on a hotel for my 10 night stay and booked it! Now I have get all my recovery supplies and make sure I have everything I think I might need. I'm not sure if I want to order the silicon strips to help prevent scars or what. I didnt use anything on my c-section scar and wish I did because it didn't heal completely flat. I want to wait to buy my second compression garment since I am still undecided about my arm lipo and it could be cheaper to buy the whole cat suit lol

Super excited. I know everybody is different but...

Super excited. I know everybody is different but most of us have to put in some work because Dr. j can't do it all. I am trying to tone these arms so much. I feel the burn and can see a difference too but the actuall size appears to be about the same. I am going to get a measuring tape today so I can see where I am now. Sx Goal 36-26-46!!! Only 10 days away and I am all the way turned up :)

I tell you if it can happen it happens to me! I'm...

I tell you if it can happen it happens to me! I'm that girl that odd stuff that never happens to anybody else happens to me. I was so sure there was nothing else going to stand in my way and then this.
I have been working out like crazy and running most days with these Curves brand high waisted shorts. They helped my before so I tried them again after my baby. I never had any issues. But that was in a different climate and I never used it out side until now. Last week I used it while running 3 days in a row. The third day was Thursday and I had a very bad itch after my workout. During the workout too but once I stop the itch got worse. All over my butt and hips. I jumped in the shower and thd water hitting my back butt and hips made the itch worse. I looked in the mirror after I showered and there was a red rash with bumps. I decided to chill out and not put anything on it. I went without bottoms to help it go away. Now it's been days and I've been using nothing but Aquphor healing ointment after I shower and it's not getting better.
I hope this will not be a issue for Sx in 5 days. I will seriously cry. I'm going to check with the people at whole foods in the morning to see if there's a quick fix. I keep reading that it will go away on its own but I'm not sure how long it can take. I'm am sad that happened to me and I don't know what is safe to use to treat it at this point being so close to Sx. Any help would be very helpful

I am so excited. I don't know what to do with...

I am so excited. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not going to do any more working out since I have too much going on getting over this heat rash. If it means I will be 2 lbs short of my goal weight so be it! I am just trying to roll into Sx without anything else happening. I am going to keep on eating healthy and taking my makemeheal pills as well as a few arnica tablets. I need to up my water intake to be sure I'm drinking at least 80oz a day. I fall short on my water intake if I'm not careful. I'm going to start taking shots of apple cider vinager to help keep my metabolism up and control my blood pressure plus it's heart healthy. I still have to buy a female urinal and gloves. Other than that I'm all set. Thank you all for being apart if my journery.

I called and talked with dr jimmersons office...

I called and talked with dr jimmersons office today and I can say I am feeling much better now that I got all my questions and concerns taken care of. Now I'm just distressing, relaxing and thanking God for all my blessings and everyone he's put in my life who's help me along my way. I'm so happy I found this site real self is the! I'm all set and feeling the love from everyone around me. Funny I was trying to be different and try color on my nails both hands and feet and I hate it. My boyfriend said I don't want you mad about nothing so go get it done over. I'm like no babe it's a waste of money (gel polish color change is like $40) I could use it on something else. He sad this week is about you and whatever makes you happy. I said to myself yes I hate this polish and I keep looking at it like I want it off so back to the nail spa I go. Hopefully I can get a massage today too. Staying positive goes along way so I will only speak positive and continue to give God the praise for letting me get this for. I have also started to thank him in advance not just for a job well done but a speedy recovery!

So far so good. Trying not to be upset by the...

So far so good. Trying not to be upset by the travel stuff so I am not going into detail at this time. I will do an update on my stay later. The pre-op was not what i was thinking but that's not because it was bad at all just different than I was thinking. While there I met a nice chic who was 6 mo post bbl n her booty was banging. I'm going to bed y'all got to rise n shine. Wish me luck.

Can't upload pics with iPad.

Can't upload pics with iPad.

Thanks PrettyPhysique for uploading my day 1 post...

Thanks PrettyPhysique for uploading my day 1 post op pictures. I am excited to hear what y'all real life you can see much more definition these pics don't do it justice at all. But I am trying to deliver on my promise to share as I go.

Feeling good. Walking the halls helps me not get...

Feeling good. Walking the halls helps me not get too stiff. So far so good.

At this time I have to be honest after I took my...

At this time I have to be honest after I took my garment off and saw my back I wanted to cry. Why oh why do I still have back fat? Is it swelling or loose skin??? Why did I pay for the extra bra roll if I still have a bra roll :-(

I am feeling better each day. Now I feel like I...

I am feeling better each day. Now I feel like I can do everything for myself and my baby. Im still sore but I stretch all day and walk around so I'm sure it helps. The office called to check on me yesterday and they said I had 3200 taken out. Why not the max 5000 I don't know. I was also told that I have to wait to see results. They say 850 was put in my butt cheeks and 200 in my hips. Overall I think my body looks good but I wish he removed the max. I was thinking I would be all good with no more unwanted fat and that's not the case! When I got dressed yesterday I tried on pants and my booty was looking great. There's some pads still on my butt but I'm just not ready to take all the pads off yet. I'll take more pics today to show day 5.

This update is super deep y'all. Tuesday night I...

This update is super deep y'all. Tuesday night I was feeling some serious swelling on the inside of my legs. It was becoming harder and harder causing pain. I called the office after hrs and Dr J contacted me right away saying to head to the ER. I got there they put me in a room started Iv...he called and spoke with me after the labs and cat scan came back to let me know what they found. Good news no fluid pockets or internal bleeding but my red blood count was too low. My heart rate was up and i needed a blood transfusion. I'm like omg. I knew I felt weak but I was determined to recover quick and not lay around so I ignored the signs of feeling like I was going to pass out. I was given 2 units of blood. After the first unit I felt like I was less weak and had more energy. Dr J n his office called and checked on me a few times which I was nice. I was waiting for dr J to clear me to go home. He woke me up this evening and I was so happy I could finally get my questions answered. We knew I was all good now medically so I asked straight up. What's up with this back fat? Why not the max 5000? I was given a very real and honest answer. The upper back fat is very hard to get due to it's location...fiberous tissue of that area, the ribs, lungs...which makes it difficult from person to person to get it all. He promise 60% improvement but must have much greater than a 60% I feel like I'm 80% improved in that area. And about the 5000 it varies from person to person for lots a different reasons there's no way of knowing how much of your fat is removable through the liposuction process. These are not his words just what I took from the conversation. I felt he was serious and straight up. Bottom line is that it will take some time and diet and exercise to truly look your best. I feel like I am about 80% where I want to be. I am overall very happy. I love the shape he created and my booty is perfect for me!!! The only reason why I'm not 100% is because I still got to tone my arms and back. Other than that I am a big booty goddess. Period. Can't tell me nothing. Lol.
Summary update
Dr J has to make it clear when we pay that extra that he can get a 60% improvement and let you decided if it worth it to u to pay. I still would have paid because I hated my back that much. Glad its better than a 60% improvement to me. I wouldn't trade my body now in for nothing. I love my shape and I never could have said that before. I do feel like dr jimerson made my dreams come true. The good bad and ugly it was worth it! So far. Today. Im a Gemini

One week ago today I was going into Sx thinking...

One week ago today I was going into Sx thinking wow my dream will finally come true! In a few short hrs my life was changed forever and the old insecure me was gone. I woke up a new women. The new me loves my body and all these beautiful curves. For the first time in my entire life I truly feel like a women. And a sexy one at that! Walking into dr j office today I noticed there was standing room only but nobody was sitting. Lol. I found my spot in the corner, took a pillow off the couch for my knees and waiting to be called back. The nurse Kim took me back removed my drain and helped my take me garment off. I was so happy to finally be drain free!!! She took pics and then dr j came to check me out and clear me for take off. I paid $12 for the dr j curves boy shorts and got the t-shirt for free. With all the excitement I forgot to get my surgery report. But Kim did remind me to contact the plastic surgery med insurance to get my emergency room visit paid. I hugged everyone who helped me along my way I promised I would stay in touch. As I waited in front of the office for the Hyatt place shuttle to pick me up I saw a reflection of my new body and a tear fell down my face. I was like that's me. That's my new body. I walked back and forth along the glass window feeling reborn! I am miss new booty!

I made it back home. Yay yay! I am off all meds. I...

I made it back home. Yay yay! I am off all meds. I still don't sit on my butt. I use my boppy pillow for my knees. I'm just not ready to go there yet. Even when I use the bathroom I use rolled up towels under my legs to take all pressure off my butt. I still use my female urinal to pee. The Walgreens across from dr j office sells a boppy like pillow for $15 with a carry case. I stayed at the Hyatt place which wasn't as nice as I would have liked. The staff was fine but they needed more help. The food was bad. They let whoever cook. The don't have a cook. So one day its good one day it's bad. They didn't have cheese. They didn't have mustard. They didn't have ceaser dressing. They didn't have a clean pack n p,ay for my baby. The first night they went thru 3 before they just decided to clean it and sterilize it right there in the room. A mess. They have handicap room which I moved into after day 3. I was so happy I did. I decided to just make my own meals. Fruits and veggi. I had salad everyday. They didn't have a washer n dryer. But they did bring a microwave into my room. I got a DVD player for my baby to watch Elmo. So after all it wasn't that bad but not what I wished for.

My boyfriend came up behind me at the airport and I was shocked to feel pressure on my butt it was funny. He was like a kid with a new toy. He couldn't stop smiling. I said you can look but don't touch. He didn't see any pic so seeing in person for the first time blew him away. The ride home wasn't bad. We have a big suv so the front seat goes way back I just layed face down. The day to day pain is not bad but my thighs are so hard that I just can't take it anymore.

I found this endermology treatment that I'll be getting this sat to help soften up and speed up the lipo recovery. I will do a review on it I think. It is better than LDM which cost more. I'm super excited. They say you need to be 2 weeks post-lipo so I'm just counting down the days. I am so ready for my legs to feel and look normal again.

Other than that I'm doing good and feeling happy as can be. Once I get my legs normal i will be all set to hit the gym. I am going to get my arms and back nice and tight to match the rest of my body.

I will update very soon with more pics since I'm feeling like putting on something fitted. Lol. ;-)

Just went down a notch in my garment. I'm happy...

Just went down a notch in my garment. I'm happy because my waist and back are getting smaller while my bug butt is stating nice n big!
I need to know how long do I wear Ted hose?

I am 2 weeks post -op and loving it. My boyfriend...

I am 2 weeks post -op and loving it. My boyfriend took me shopping today to celebrate my new body. He picked out over 30 items for me to try on. 20 dresses and 10 jeans. He wants me to clear my closet and start fresh for the new year with my new body. I would say I hate my closet and how much I hated getting dressed because I lacked shape. But now I love my curves. I actually enjoyed dressing up for him and trying everything on. The people at the store where like wow you have an amazing boyfriend because he was so excited to dress me. I was still in major shock that I have a desirable body now. I couldn't stop thinking I don't have to hide my back fat or my belly or my old flat butt!!! I seriously wish I had him take pics of the me in the dressing room. I will just have to play dress up again and get pictures this time. I will post very soon. I went from a med garment down to a small one now do I'm happy about that. The only thing is I got my second garment in the half leg instead of the full leg so I'm still wearing my original garment on the last notch untill my legs aren't so swollen. I will update with pics if the swelling and bruising too.

So far I'm doing very well. Still a bit bruised on...

So far I'm doing very well. Still a bit bruised on my legs and back. Butt is starting to jiggle. Time to learn how to twerk something' lol

Just got mail. That ER visit cost $6000!!!! Wow...

Just got mail. That ER visit cost $6000!!!! Wow let's see how Dr Jimerson's Sx insurance works.



Look for yourself. The quality of work is going...

Look for yourself. The quality of work is going down fast! IMO. It has now become a numbers game. Don't take my word for it. Ask around. If you don't need aggressive lipo then the drive thru might be good enough for you. But most of us girls need the full upper body lipo and are willing to pay more to have it all done. Why not charge an extra $1500-$3000 for total lipo (depends on the person) if we willing to pay vs $900 and do nothing at all!!!! My story is not a bad one but I'm not looking foward to paying another dr to come behind him. I had the option to have a local dr do a complete lipo for the same cost. I honestly got caught up in the J curve hype! After my Sx I knew my back was not done! I knew it. I asked him and got alot of excuses and was told to wait. I wanted to believe him. If you don't know by now Dr j gives everybody the feeling that you are in great hands and we all mention out wonderful patient dr relationships. This is all good. But when he looked me in my face in lied that he did my back and yet I didn't have a bruise a scar and steri strip or even a bandaid. How???? Ok so I'm sore and fresh out lets wait a while. Pictures tell the story. Look at my upper back then n now. You tell me if I had lipo done! I eat well, stay active, and was never even FAT to start with. All my fat should have been gone to give me the hips and butt I asked for. I just want you all to know because I was warned but didn't listen. Don't believe the hype!!!! It's a drive-thru. You Order might not be complete! I'm going to show more back fat pics now that I'm out closet. So many of the girls don't want to share the bad news or look like they are being negative. I had to get over the feeling of what other think. It's my post. These are my feelings and I would want to know the real. That is why we all need to be our real self. I admit I didn't want to say bad things about dr j. I wanted to be a supporter. But that's not what this is about. We have to come together and let our voices be heard.

Deleting my self off realself. This sites a joke.

Deleting my self off realself. This sites a joke.

Got b&a pics that was taken at dr j office. Guess...

Got b&a pics that was taken at dr j office. Guess what my upper back is cutoff. Lol. On a good note I'm not deleting but I am seriously going to make that realself member a NOnMuthaEffin Factor. So that is that.

I am just a body. This is not personal. I am just...

I am just a body. This is not personal. I am just a girl who dreamed of a butt and No back fat. That's all. Ok I gutt, with a big butt and No back fat. Now that's all. After paying thousands and traveling across the country and waiting and praying you see what I got. The TRUTH is love my butt!!! Eventhough it's not huge and lacks a shelf. I love it because it's perfect for me. And I have this crease that looks supper sexy when I move from side to side. Oh and I would have liked to have bigger hips but too much hips on me mostly would have made me feel wide and so for that reason I'm ok with what I got. My waist I LOVE!!! Belly is flatter than before baby. I was warned by dr J that a completely flat belly would require a mini tuck but I am beyond pleaed with the flatness I have without any nip tuck. NOW...this back of mine is a mess. Y'all saw it and when I wake in the morning I will be 5 weeks post-op. I can't wait to share the results or lack of. I try not to look at my back without the garment on to avoid becoming upset. So I hope the lipo fairy has been doing that technique you don't see or feel...dreaming of a flat back. Lol. Ok dolls. Realself is really starting to kick my ass. Like I don't know how much more I can take. I really feel the more real I am the more I feel like a victim and I am never a victim but the victor!

After a very long week my boyfriend and I decided...

After a very long week my boyfriend and I decided to get away for the weekend. We are enjoying the country side at Lost Pines Resort. I wanted to forget about all the bbl drama and all those weapons that tried to form against me. Life is bigger than how many inches around my ass is! When young kids have their lives taken away at school you realize life's about creating memories. Instead of blogging about my body good or bad I spent the day taking in the country side and the night fireside roasting marshmallows. My baby girl had her first s'more. I'll be leaving my boopy pillow to horse back and see more the hillside later today. I'll get back to my results and update pics soon. We all need to take the time to enjoy the moment. Love peace and happiness. Ttyl hunnibunns

I haven't been able to share pics since my laptop...

I haven't been able to share pics since my laptop needs repair (won't keep charge) and I dont know how from my iPhone or iPad. Does anyone know if here is a way to upload pics from my mobile device? I've heard there was but never got details on how...

My realself experience has me feeling like I'd rather not even share my feelings about my bbl. I would rather share pics so y'all can just see for yourself

I want more so I think its time for round 2! Not...

I want more so I think its time for round 2! Not sure whar Dr yet so I'll be checking all the updates here on RS to see how theses booties looking lately :)

H-Town HrGlass TT+lipo-Dr.Cortes

I have a new review now for my TT procedure. I'm going into Sx a week from today. Need all the feedback I can get. Thx RS Divas!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Jimerson here on The before & after pictures sold me!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
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I disagree with some comments here. I don't think bigger is better. I like this lady results because it's proportionate to her body. It looks natural. Super gigantic butt doesn't mean a better butt.
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Your story is worth everything. Thank you for being honest and letting the haters go. Good luck with everything and God bless.
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Im right where you at! I went to Hello Beautiful in ATL and had Dr Nathaniel Johnson do my BBL and he lied too! We just gonna keep it moving and we are going to get what we want!!!
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I understand what your saying. You paid someone to do what u ask! I support and understand what you went thru. Dr. Cortez work is amazing and he is really good with aggressive lipo!
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How is every thing going I hope you feel better about your result Have a great day
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I personally think you look great but I do see what you're talking about with your back! I was considering him because of the "hype" and pictures especially on IG but idk now. :( Best of luck to you!
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How is everything? Did you get your 2nd round?
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Be supportive of all patients on here, it takes a lot to post especially when things go wrong
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Looking great girl!! I will going to the DR in November with Yily for my TT and BL I pray bout my new bod everyday!! Ladies like you keep ladies like myself motivated! Thanks sis Muah..xoxo
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Wow you look great!!!!!!!! R u thinking about going to DR for ur 2nd round?
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Yes ASAP lol. What about u
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Thank you so much for sharing
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I think that some of these us top bbl doctors aren't as great as yrs ago anymore, they are overcharging and not delivering good results anymore, I've also noticing that they aren't going as big as they used to im on my 3rd week and im already considering a 2nd round too as well good luck to u.
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Mmmmh....I think you need to have a look at the other side of the coin.We always have a lot more in mind than what really can be done. Happiness is a product of sx and our expectations. I just think you want too much
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Maybe you're right. However, I don't think my expectations are unrealistic. I value your feedback. Thx u.
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i see what you are talking about sweetie. we are here to support you. i didn't pick him because it seems there are a lot of pics with rolls on them left on the ladies and that worried me.
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Thx I can use all the support I can get. I'm glad you aren't caught up in all the hype. It's great you can see for yourself Dr J leaves a lot to be desired!
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Hey ! Nice hearing from you again!! Great stomach by the way! Ill be getting my own bbl in November with dr DurĂ¡n in dr (she is super talented). Some other great talents are dr Cortes in Tx, dr schulman. In New York and dr campos In Mexico..
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I am happy for you finding the best dr for u. I am going with Cortes next week :) looking forward to getting my hourglass shape!
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It seems that Dr Jimmerson dosent do aggressive lipo on the flanks and back. Ive seen a bunch of his patients on here with that problem which made me not want to go to him.
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He doesnt alot of his results show a huge ass but back fat n thats not cute. Ive seen his best results r ladies who already have a nice shape and just need some filling in. 
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yea he leaves too much unfinished
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very true or celebs
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It's something that women did wrong and she's not telling the whole story. It's funny how she claims she spent $20000 and got messed up. 95% people that spent half the price and became stars. Even women you think can't be helped looked like models afterwards.
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