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Im 42.Had my 1st child at 40.Great experience!...

Im 42.Had my 1st child at 40.Great experience! Tried 4 a 2nd child last yr when I found out I had breast cancer. Because the cancer was hormonal Dr. said no more kids.I gained 70# while I was expecting. Ive always had curves. But breast grew from 40F to 40I. I went back to pre-baby wt 225 after birth.

Decided to lose some wt, now Im 207. My breast have been droopy for yrs. but I had 2 wait til after cancer treatments(1yr) 2 do any procedures. Ill b having a full TT & breast reduction 11/19/2010.

Im sooo excited & alittle nervous. Ive been reading reviews tryin 2 plan ahead purchase things I may need, gettin my house in order as well as my mind & spirit. If there is anything anyone can think of let me. Ill keep u guys posted. Ill try to get some pre/post pics. God Bless


First of all, hooray that you beat breast cancer! That is truly wonderful. For some great tummy tuck/mommy makeover information, check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide in our forums.

Please do keep us updated on how you're feeling. You have less than a month to go!

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Thank you. I did read tha survival. It was very helpful & funny. Ill b reading it serveral times.

Looking forward to my surgery 11/19/2010. Im...

Looking forward to my surgery 11/19/2010. Im getting everything ready.


hope your surgery went well for you, we all miss you.
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Im doin well. thx 4 askin. Tha pain isn't as bad. im slepin on the couch. Ill post pictures soon.
How are you girl???
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Im 6 days post op. I feel fine with tha help of...

Im 6 days post op. I feel fine with tha help of meds, but taking less. Im sleepin on recliner which helps me 2 get up by myself. I had my 1st post op Dr. visit. Went vert well. I got a chance 2 c my body. Tha drainage tubes will b removed monday. Im very pleased & excited. My tummy is still very swollen. My breast also still swollen & my scar from breast cancer surgery is gone:)Ive taken showers with a shower chair which is helpful. My tt scar is nice & low. I were tha wrap/corsit daily, but i take off at times. I dont know if im wearing it tight enough, maybe thats y my lower tummy is still swollen. If anybody has any suggestions let me know. Thank God 4 stool softners which i started takin a wk before surgery. I will post some pictures but they dont due me justice.

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Doin well

Doin well


hey how you doing? You look good, now for the long recovery.
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Today had my tubes removed. I was a little...

Today had my tubes removed. I was a little nervous, but it wasn't bad. all tha scars r healing very good. My stomach is still swollen, Dr said thats normal, but its goin down. I got another wrap that fits better. I can take a bath he said tomorrow but ill wait awhile. my appetite is good BUT alot of my meats taste VERY SALTY. Ill try 2 sleep in tha bed soon. I like sleeping by myself without kickin toddler & snoaring husband:) I go back 2 Dr in 2 weeks. Again thx for thinkin of me. ill post more picx


im doin well. i got my tubes out. i feel much better. some of tha swelling is goin down. no pain :) ill put some more pics in a few days. how r u doin?
im doin great. thx 4 thinkin of me
thx 4 thinkin of me. im doin well

Im doin much better than i thought

Im doin much better than i thought


Things are looking really good Talaya, I'm happy to hear you're healing well. Are you still in any pain?

I see you still are wearing the tape. I don't mean to sound silly but what is it for? Is that the silicone tape or protective tape for your scars? When will you be able to stop wearing it?
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At tha last Dr visit i was told 2 continue 2 wear tha tape & change every 3 days to help with healing & closing. Tha tape also helps keep tha scar flat. Brown skin(Afr Amer) tends 2 keloid more than others. I have a Dr appt mon & Ill b asking about tha tape as well.
Im in NO pain at all & Im NOT taking any pain meds, just Vit C & Zinc 4 wound healing, Im drivin, Im walkin around tha mall(alittle tire afterwards), goin 2 da show, light cleaning, cookin, no heavy liftin & Im 2.5 wks post op. Overall 4 a full TT & breast reduction tha pain was very mild(with meds tha 1st wk)I was expecting tha worse. NOT AT ALL:)You will b fine because u r doin da hard work now:)Take Care
You look fabulous! Congrats on kicking some breast cancer ass and on having your surgery :)
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Im doin soooo well( 3wks post op). NO pain,...

Im doin soooo well( 3wks post op). NO pain, getting to start back workin out. Im down 7# since tha surgery:) I got to keep it off, alittle head start:)Went 2 Dr. today everything healing fine will start using cream 4 tha scars & Shea butter 4 my dry skin. Still wearing tha wrap. Will see Dr again in Jan.


hey your new photos look good your healing very nice. Hey what size is your boobs now? I'm down to a C and feels better for only 9 days. hows the pain now for you?
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Tha girls r a D cup. Im doin great. I havnt had pain in 3-4 wks. I was drivin at 2wks post op. im back n tha gym takin my time at a slower pace.
U look great!!!! Im glad your not n any pain, but still take your time. i cant wait 2 c more of ya pics:)
Take Care
That is a shame about your stepdaughter. Sometimes tough love is the best though. Hopefully she straightens out and gets on the right track.

I keep over doing it and getting really tired since Thursday. Kind of funny you feel pretty good and want to do so much and then it hits you and you are just exhausted. I posted two week pics. So happy I did this. Good to hear you are going to the gym already. I am not allowed to exercise yet and with Christmas I feel like I am eating to much and not moving enough. My boyfriend tells me to give myself a break. He says he will pick on me later when i try to skip working out but for now I get to take it easy. Don't want to ruin my drs beautiful work! Hope you had a great Christmas!
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Im 6wks post op & doin well. Im back 2 workin...

Im 6wks post op & doin well. Im back 2 workin out slowly, doin all tha things i normally do,even SEX:)


scars look really good
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Wow , You look great and you beat cancer!!! Who is your doctor? I love his work and the price!
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Yes he is great !!!!! He said he would take care of me & He did. He was intially my Dr. 4 follow up from breast cancer, not even thinkin about tt just breast reconstruction. But he said i had 2 wait till my breast heal. Later i thought about tt & he said he could do it. He has agreat personality & I loved since day 1

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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