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25 and So Ready – Akron, OH

I am 25 years old 5'3" 122lbs and have been cursed...

I am 25 years old 5'3" 122lbs and have been cursed with lack of. I recently have gone to Dr Carp in Green Ohio and have decided it was time. My fiancé and I have done much research and now I hope to get feed back from other women on BA's. I am MORE than excited and fully trust this doctor and staff to help me achieve my goal! I am going to him two weeks prior to surgery to discuss size and was wondering if there are other women out there who have any pointers.

BA 3 1/2 weeks away

BA is 26 days away and the research is getting CRAZY! I think my fiancé is ready to lock me in a room until April 3rd lol! Question for ladies who have had the BA's done already. How did you feel after being put under? Did any of you experience problems with sore throat? I have NEVER been put under an am, a little freaked out by it.

More "wish" boobies

Pictures of myself past and now

I was a smaller girl most of my life and then in 2009 blew up in size from an unhealthy relationship. Only positive to gaining all that weight was the chest that came with it. Now I am back down to my original weight and ZERO boobies.


In a bathing suit


So I went to my PS this past Monday and we have officially picked the size. Going with 350cc HP under the muscle incision on the breast crease. He feels I am too small with not enough breast tissue to hold anything more. At first I was upset because I wanted to go possibly 400cc but after doing research (yes more) 350cc for my body is big. I am short and thin and dont want my chest looking too fake. I am beyond ecstatic and can't stop looking at the calendar!!!! Come on 12:30 April 3rd!!!!!! If there are any 350cc ladies out there reading this I would love to know how yours have settled and what size bra you are now. I am hoping a FULL c small D

I made it!

Well I am officially home and not much pain (probably the pain mess). Also, the going under part was NOT scary at all I don't even remember much of anything. I remember leaving my hospital room to be taken back to the surgery room and that's IT!! I am so glad I chose to do this!!!!


So wanted to let you ladies know how I am feeling so far. GREAT! As long as I keep up with my medicine schedule I don't feel any pain at all. Just tightness, swollen, rock hard and slightly tender. But I have not even had the urge to cry because I feel that wonderful!! My experience at the hospital was AMAZING as well all the nurses, doctors and anastesiologist were so wonderful to me and made me feel SO COMFORTABLE! If I had to do it all over again I totally would! So for you girls out there who are concerned about being put under, don't be! You don't feel anything or remember anything!!! Good luck to my family of boobies and future boobies!

Side views (best I could get)

Before boobs in a sports bra

Feel like I have the missing piece

Ok girls, I went to my PS today and..... Everything is going GREAT! He gave me the a-okay to take off surgical bra (no underwire or push up). He said to start gently massaging them and then next week start working on my scars. He squished them around a little. The left was FINE the right he it sucked lol. I am IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BOOBIES!! I am still pretty bloated from all the meds, lack of pooping and starting my period the day of surgery BUT I don't feel disgusting. It's like having bigger breasts help me to not feel fat when I am bloated. I feel sexy wether my belly is flat or has some kind of bulge! I feel sexy infront of fiancé. I am more confident then ever before!!! I loved them the day I received them! I know they still have some changing to do but I don't care they are beautiful and perfect for me!!! Any woman who thinks about doing this and wants it, DO IT! It's the MOST satisfying in the world. I went to the mall today to find some nice bra/sports bras to wear and didn't have to find one with the most padding/push up. That in itself was such a satisfying feeling. I feel like the woman I was always meant to be. Thank you to all you beautiful women on here who helped me through this process. Wether we spoke or not your journeys truly helped me get through mine. I am going to continue to update I promise! And now, some pictures!! Mind the bloating please! And the slight blurry-ness I had to take them myself.


As of today I am 8 days post op and can already tell that one breast is larger than the other. Before getting my implants my breast were naturally uneven (left bigger than right). My doctor advised me that it was so minimal that I didn't really need to do two different sizes so what did I do? I listened to my doctor and stuck with 350cc in both breasts. I realize I am a week and one day post op an there is still some changes that are going to happen but my fiancé even sees the difference. Matter of fact in a shirt people can see the difference. Has any other woman experienced this?? If so what did you do? I have mentor so I know I have some "warranty" coverage on them. Is it possible for a revision? I am BEYOND DEPRESSED!!!! I prayed and prayed that they would be wonderful and truthfully they are but, noticeably uneven and it is causing me to burst into tears all day. I didn't want to feel like this a week out. I wanted to be PROUD of my girls and I would be if they would be even!! I know that no boob is perfect but, they shouldn't be THAT noticeable after spending almost 7 grand on them it should be pretty close to even! I hope someone, somewhere out there has something to say please help


So as you see on the post above I had some serious concerns about the size difference well, it has changed! My righty is still a little smaller than my left but not as bad as before (thank you sweet boobie god!!!) I am going to post some pictures of updates. I am sure I still have a ways to go for the "dropping and fluffing" process but they are moving way more now!!! I was one lucky little lady through this whole process! I don't have ANY problems with my incisions (doctor doesn't stitch on outside) I didn't have ANY bruising (other than where my IV was) I stopped taking pain meds on day 3!!!! My swelling was nothing compared to some women I have seen. These new additions have become something so new and fun for me! I feel SEXAAAYY! The only complaint I have as of right now is, sleeping on my back. I HATE IT! That is what is causing me to wake up every night at 1 (without fail) from stiffness, sore and agitating! My grandmother advised me to buy a heating pad for my bed and a pillow for driving (I drive a lot during the day, 100+ miles).
Akron Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carp is the doctor I have chosen to do my Breast Augmentation. Though I have not had it done yet I feel completely comfortable and at ease with him. His staff was very welcoming and answered all questions I had to ask. My initial meeting with him was great and I am so excited to see the final results! Anyone who is interested in having a BA I would totally recommend you speaking with him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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give them time..you will look awesome each day they drop more...and theyre so perky now who wouldn't be happy?! lol the confidence you gain from them will be worth it!
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Well little secret..... Sex life has gotten a HELL of A LOT more better!!! I'm just slightly concerned about there being too much of a size difference. I do love them though!! Thank you for your very kind words!!!!
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How long did you wait before sex? I wasn't told and thought maybe I better call my ps
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I had sex like six days after lol! I left my sports bra on though but, I had it on Saturday without my sports bra and was fine just didn't get too risky with it lol!
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Okay thanks!!!! :)
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LOL I just meant confidence overall, like out in public, the beach, etc.....wasn't even thinking primarily just in the sex department...but LOL HEY if it turns you into a porn star in the bedroom now you go girl LMAO! (..OK..Whats the best part that has changed? Isnt sex still sex...you mean just more of it...or a little more freaky? haha!)
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Not even "freaky" I am not uncomfortable to be naked infront of him. I can just take my top off and feel sexy, feel like a woman. Before I would leave my shirt on and wouldn't let any hands touch up there. I know this is TMI but,it makes me happy to feel 100% comfortable in my own skin.
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Lol you ladies make me laugh! Hey I know sex will be great too my husband will finally be glad to see my shirt off in the bedroom! :)
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I am so with you there darlin, I am the same way!!!! ;)
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This whole conversation is hilarious! My fiancé was like a kid in the toy store when my shirt FINALLY came off!!!!
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We should give ourselves a round of applause!
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LOL...yea Im not sure what direction this has gone, but the general 'feeling'..no pun...is that new boobs = better sex LOL :)
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OH Im sure he was! Probably wanted to try them out in more ways than one! hah!
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Hahahahahah!!!! (I snorted on that one). Well I have to remind him to please be easy on the touching still lmao!!!! He wants to squeeze them when we are even out in public and I yell "Matthew no! Bad boy!" Hahahah!!!!
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hahahahah! now THAT would be funny to see! you know....men are pretty much the same as babies...big or small... they like squeezing and biting boobs their ENTIRE life! lol
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Isnt that the damn truth!! He helped fund these as well the least I could do is let him enjoy them. I tell him he gets boobie punishment if he pisses me off though! That way, I always win the fights ;)
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Oh if he's anything like mine...he'll make sure he enjoys them weather you feel like it or not haha! :) Mine just wants them big enough for boob sex...if you know what I mean! ;)
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LMAO!!!!!!! Oh trust me I know girl ;) when we first started talking about a BA I told him I want it to make the sex life the best for him and myself lol. It's terrible when I was small that I wouldn't take my shirt off. But what's the point when there wasn't anything to look at anyways!? Lol!
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HAAA! Oh, I suppose you have a point! but you know, the truth is he had to like you for what you DID or "DIDNT" have maybe...lol...just b/c we have small..or no boobs...doesn't mean sex has to suffer :). Now with that being said.....I'll tell you right now, once I ever get my BA....damnit were going to f*** like rabbits to celebrate!!!!! :-0 HAAA!
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And I have to add I cant wait to actually wear sexy lingerie w/cleavage! now I just look ridiculous, and like you said...might as well leave my clothes on not be disappointed when they come off lol :) ugh I cant even LOOK slutty for him if I want to! ha!
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Well we had great sex before but it was like something was missing so now we have AMAZING sexy time hahah!!! I have a feeling you and me would be best friends!! He for sure loved me even with lack there of but now it's just a great bonus!! Can't wait to go find sexy outfits lol! Do you have an idea of when you would like to?? It's SO WORTH IT!! It was the first "surgery" I ever had and I would do it again!
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Yea Im sure we would though Id be a a bit jealous if I saw you probably!! Ever since Ive joined this site I have had such a fascination with looking at boobs and wanting to see what they actually feel like after a BA!! (it kinds freaks me out honestly...like Im really not Bi right?! lol!) OK but seriously, Im currently 28 weeks preggo...lol..so no BA anytime soon! I just know what happened after our first one was born...my little B cup boobies get huge (to me) during pregnancy and then deflate like a popped balloon after!!..I don't even BF!. its so depressing....so Im just considering after this one trying to perk things up and ALWAYS have big boobs to play with haha :)
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Well you're doing it the right way for you! Not to mention no doctor will operate on a preggers lady lol!! My best friend just had her second child and is getting a BA once her husband gets out of the army (two months) and she is home with family to help. She had nice big boobies before getting pregnant and her two took the life out of hers so I understand to a point what you're going through. I on the other hand, don't think I want to have a kid so I just did it now! My fiancé already has two children so I'm getting the "best of both worlds". I had serious boob envy before my BA. When I saw a women with beautiful breast I instantly was self concious! Now I feel wonderful! FINALLY!! Just keep me as a support buddy when you do it!!! I'm here anytime don't plan on getting rid of this profile ever! Plus I like living vicariously through pregnant women! Lol!! And no you aren't Bi! I still get fascinated looking at other women's breasts an I have a pair now! Hell I get excited seeing mine!
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LOL good to know that doesn't make me bi, maybe curious tho?...lol j/k! Actually this might sound weird, Ive not only wanted bigger boobs but Ive never really had super perky nipples either and ive noticed those who have had a BA are pretty much high beams all the time! haha..so Im sure tha twould take getting used to! Boy that would be amazing..get excited to see MYSELF in the mirror?! I don't know what it would be like to think..damn..I LOOK HOT! lol! I just want to see a LITTLE cleavage when I have a bikini, or bra on!
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