Saline Implants...bottoming Out?

I am 4 weeks post breast augmentation. I have...

I am 4 weeks post breast augmentation. I have saline mod plus implants under the muscle. I was a 34B and went up to a 34C. Since day #1 my right implant has been lower. I can also feel where my breast tissue ends and the implant extends below it. I had a 2 week post op visit with my surgeon and he said it looked fine and will even out with time. It looks like he made the pocket too big on the right. It just doesn't look the same as the left. Recently I notice a band of connective tissue that runs from my areola to the inside of my right breast. I have been massaging like crazy...seems like all the time! The connective tissue (I guess that's what it is) is hard and you can see it when ever my muscle flexes. Not good when I have a low cut shirt on! I have not talked to my doctor about this. I have an appt in two weeks. Has any one else had any of these issues?

I nursed my son for 15 months and wanted to add...

I nursed my son for 15 months and wanted to add the volume back to my breasts. I opted for saline moderate plus mentor implants. I went from a 34B to a 34C.

I feel like my right implant is bottomed out. I am 2 weeks post op. It has been this was since day one. I was a 34B and went to a 34C with a 325cc mod plus implant filled to 350 in the L and 360 on the R. I can feel the bottom of the saline implant and at an angle you can see where my breast tissue ends and the implants extends below it. Did my doctor make the pocket to low? Has my implant bottomed out? I have attached a picture of day one post and a current picture. Thank you.

Mines looks the same... Come and look at my photos... The doctor said i do need a revision... If you can see my nipples are way off.... He said my right breast muscle had torn and that is way it dropped so much. I am going to get that muscle fix in 3 moths. I have to wait for my tissue to heal and then he can repair it...
Hi girl...I looked at your picture and we do have the same problem. I went for a visit with my MD 2 weeks ago. He said that both sides have bottomed out. I notice this one week post op on my left! He told me to wear a bra with an underwire in it for the next 2 months and then come back. He said if they have not replaced themselves that he would take me back to the OR and place sutures to set them back in place. I have been wearing an under wire bra for 23 1/2 hours a day for the past 2 weeks and have yet to notice a difference but we'll see. I want to do all that I can to not get surgery again. I havn't discussed payment with him. I feel that I should not have to pay anything!!! From the research I have done....most implants bottom out because the inplant was either too big for your body or the doctor made the pocket too big in the first place. Do you have to pay for yours? I have seen and heard many different stories and some have to pay and some don't. Good luck with your revision!
Our stories are the same! I had my BA 5/6/9. About a week into it I really started having a "stretching" feeling under my L breast. Now, the crease there is about an inch lower than the other. The breast itself is the same height, but the nipple sits way to high on this breast mound. Ugh. Now I am dealing with an infection, after my incision was completely healed around my areaola, which according to my PS is probably from an internal stitch that didn't disolve. I am only happy with the size of my breasts. This summer is going to suck. I can't wear a cute bikini or cute bra because my nipple shows out the top of it. Also, when I flex, lay down, or raise my arms up you can see the tissue too, like yours. Isnt it frustrating?

Update 10/25/09I am now 5 months post op. I went...

Update 10/25/09

I am now 5 months post op. I went to my doctor last week and it is confirmed that both of my implants have bottomed out. I am getting a revision tomorrow am. I had my implants placed periareolar and they will use the same incision, one inside he said he will use a scope and place sutures to make a new fold. The sutures will take 3-4 months to dissolve and he said I may have some dimples under my breasts until they do. Thank the lord....I will not have to pay a cent, my MD is covering the anesthesia fees. I will put post op pics up.

Your implants have bottomed out. You will need a revion surgery, to reconstruct the infra mammary line, which is not going to be easy through a periareolar incision. Repair of the infra mammary line with sutures have a common rate of recurrence. One can use ALLODERM to support the the repair and makes recurrence much less. But ALLODERM is expensive. Your picyures show that the implants are progressively droping down.You will need surgery fairly soon, I also would cnsider changing the pocket that is if the implants are above the muscle channge to below the muscle. if the are below the muscle that will explain the line on the right breast, I would cahnge to above the muscle. I may recommend an infra mammary line incision, because it is the best approach to correct implant displacment.

Photo Update

It appears that you had a nice correction back in 2009. How did it hold up? As has been said (and I have seen), suture only repairs have a higher tendency to stretch out again (but sometimes not). Would love to hear/see follow up.
Did your repair hold??
do you know what your doctor did to lift them up? did he use alloderm? i went in to get it fixed, i don't know what he used but it bottomed out again--it's only been 3 weeks post op, 2nd time around! i think it's from the swelling.
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