My Smart Lipo Before & After Pic's.....well Worth It!

Reason I did it: Because no matter how much I...

Reason I did it: Because no matter how much I tried to diet or exercise (the lil I did) my lil pooch would NOT go away. I looked at my friends who had babies and it looked like I HAD AT least 1 kid. I am soo satisfied and I am not even completely healed! That extra skin flapping over my pants and panties is GONE.

Cost of procedure: $ 4700 if cash is paid and $5200 if you use a debit/credit card

Would I recommend this: Yes if you are tired of exercising. This procedure has been FDA approved and been out since 2006. I did A LOT of research and have read about minor problems. Most people go to a doctor that does not do a good job and they come out with lumpy skin. I personally believe wearing the girdle 24/7 afterwards plays a critical step in preventing that. Remember its only cosmetic surgery. I am not writing this to encourage or discourage you. Just do your research and don’t let anybody discourage you. It’s your body, and your money. Do what YOU want with it. Just do the research first! J The only reason I am writing and POSTING this is to share my progress because out of all the research I did I only came across a hand full of our people who actually did it. Color has nothing to do with it or the results but…..umm let me leave that alone. J

Pre- Op: I was given some prescriptions to get fill to begin taking some meds b/f the surgery. I was also given a pack of vitamins named Vita Medica to begin taking. I must admit I was not consistent with taking the pills because I was still in pain from getting my wisdom tooth removed.

Day of the surgery: I was getting very nervous. I asked a female (black) on YouTube about her procedure and all she responded with was save your money. I was like WTH? If you say something like that more details should follow. So that almost made me reconsider my decision. So I went in to the procedure room and the doc made about 6 small incisions on the sides of my stomach area. I was filled with fluid that was to numb me up really good before the actual doctor would begin the suctioning. That is about the worst part of the whole procedure. After the fluid starts numbing you, you just get this uncomfortable feeling. The funny feeling is due to your stomach blowing up like a balloon. You can actually fill some of the fluid leaking out of the incisions. YUCK!

Dr. Mickie (nickname) began the procedure and made it very relaxing. She talked to me, fed me crackers and PowerAde in between. The reason for the feeding was because I didn’t eat a full breakfast b4. My appointment was 0900 and I had to wake up early to drive the long trip to her office. Anyway I was in there crying like a lil baby because I don’t take well to anything dealing with doctors or needles! When I got my wisdom tooth pulled they had to spray som numbing spray on my arm to get me to calm down so they could get the IV started to put me to sleep. Anyway it was a not alot of unbearable pain but I felt the vibrations and pressure of the suctioning. I started stressing because I did too much research on the procedure and I knew exactly what was going on. I had an image in my head of her sticking the laser in and out of me melting the fat and the fat running through the tubes to the liter. I know… CRAZY! I guess it was my nerves. So the procedure took about 3-4 hours and she took out 3 ½ liters of fat out of me. YUCK. She said I had the most fat around my belly button. After they finished she wrapped me up real good but I still bleed through my gray sweats. I was scheduled to return in 2 days so she could take off all the wrapping/ bandages.

Night (After Surgery): There is no need to spend the night in the hospital or anything but you will need someone to drive you home. Don’t believe what they say on YouTube. You will NOT be able to do this on your lunch break. Mess around and get fired. LOL. Anyway that night I was drinking a lot of vitamin water, PowerAde and Gatorade as instructed by the doctor. I messed up and ate an ice cream stick and chicken noodles and threw it up. Yeah it was very stupid of me. When it was time to sleep, I couldn’t lie down, I feel asleep leaning on the headboard. If you normally sleep on your stomach…4 get it!

Day 1 (After Surgery): I spent it mostly at home and just relaxed. I did drive. It was hard to stand up straight and sit for long. I had to take a “wash up” because I couldn’t shower until she removed the bandages. They didn’t want me to remove them myself because it common for people to pass out after the bandages are removed.

Day 2: I returned to my appointment and she took off the bandages and that dried up blood smell was overwhelming. I wanted to pass out from that sticky azz tape she was struggling to get off! After she finished and dressed me up she gave me some instructions and sent me on my way.

Day 3-6: OMG, I can see a BIG difference. I am sooooo happy I took my own b4 pictures because the pictures prove it all. My stomach feels REALY funny. It’s this spongy like feeling. I can feel the tightening process going on too. Wearing the girdle helps you not to think or feel that funny feeling. The extra fluid I guess has settled down in my vagina area. So it’s sitting on swole, lol! When I say that I mean it. Its unbelievable how big your vagina area gets.

Day 7: I returned from yet another appointment and she stated that I am healing great. I told her that I am happy with the results so far and she said oh sweetie you are still swollen. You will be seeing A LOT more results. She said my waist hasn’t even begun to show because of the swelling. She said give it about week 3 b4 seeing any major results.

Day 8: I can maneuver a lot better now but I am still swollen. Its not that much uncomfortable anymore. I no longer feel like an 80-year-old woman trying to get out of the bed and car and I got a lil more “pep” in my step as my 86-year-old granddad said. LOL. I will continue to post updates. I will try to post the next one at the beginning or end of week 3.

Overall, I am VERY happy and positive about the results.

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Update 20 Jan 2010 Update Pic;The red arrows are...

Update 20 Jan 2010 Update Pic;

The red arrows are pointing to the areas I want redone. Can you all see the roll above my belly button?


Your second set of pictures have me baffled. The frontal view shows the letter "M" on the left leg in the left picture, but switched to the right leg in the right picture. How is that possible? If is wasn't for the frontal shots, you'd never catch the discrepancy. Additionally, you have two different belly buttons in the before and after shots. I'm not convinced the same person is seen in these photos.
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LOL, I cant believe you said that. Okay look at the pictures where my tattoo is look at the edge of the see that brown wood? Thats a look at the picture u see me holding the camera?? That means I took the picture in while looking in the mirror thus making my tattoo on my left leg appear to be on my right leg in the mirror. As for the belly button, I am not even going to answer that. If you do more research on Smart Lipo you will find the answer.
Hi, just wanted to say that i don't think that you should get it touched up, your pics are great!!! I just had this procedure done myself and its exactly how you explained it, if you have any more info on this please let me know. Thanks.
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 06 March 2010: So I got my smart lipo update...

 06 March 2010: So I got my smart lipo update on 22 Feb. The procedure was free but I had to pay $500 for use of the equipment. She did a touch up on my belly button and my sides. I am still swollen but I am DEFINTELY seeing a great difference now. I cant wait to see the final results. Here are the pictures: 



oh and btw, the reason the tattoo appears to be on the opposite leg is because one pic is taken in the mirror and the other taken without. mirrors ,ummmmm... mirror things. lol. some people.
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to the person who stated that they were not convinced it was the same person due to the belly button looking different, are you blind? first of all, it is the same person, its just that the belly button is changed due to the fat reduction in the area and if that doesnt convince you, just look at the tattoo on the lower leg, its the same tattoo. some people should think before they type.
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so how do u feel after the touch up??
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 Update 26 March 2010: So far its looking...

 Update 26 March 2010: So far its looking good. I just hope she got all of it from my belly button. See pic below.


Re: the touch-ups, did you go through everything again, or die the minor areas were just regular liposuctioned.
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Thanks so much for asking Nat... I feel great and alot better. My stomach has went down alot more and this time around people are really noticing the difference. Also I can fit into a size medium Veronique Design compression garnment. :)

Photo Update


Can anyone who had abdomen smart lipo touch up tell if there are happy with there results after the touch up? Also, can you tell me how painful it was because my MD said that the touch up is more painful because of the scar tissue?

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I'm having touch up this Friday actually they have to finish it 7weeks ago I had smart lipid but after4hours it's started to be painful the Dr.said it's not done yet but I'm in so much pain so only the lower abs and
Partial upper abs was done anyway they are willing to do the love handlles this you think it's not too the way my lower abs still
Had little fluid but it look so much better,any advise


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did you have any lumps?
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For anyone that is interested in my 2011 update.....

For anyone that is interested in my 2011 the video I created on YouTube. :)


Thanks for your GREAT feedback! I am getting the procedure done in 2 weeks and am excited, but super nervous too. I appreciate you posting the details of your journey :)
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Good luck! I had mine done a week ago and I'm going back next Thursday. You'll do great!
I'm going for my consult tomorrow morning. This has been VERY helpful! Thanks Much!
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Took this 19 Jan 2012! Still looking good and...

Took this 19 Jan 2012! Still looking good and LOVING it! So worth it!


YOU look AWESOME!!!! I'm 6 weeks today, can't wait for this swelling to go down! Haven't exercised, have you??? Curious if I can look as good as you !
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Hi Toneal, how long did it take to achieve the results you have now? I did my procedure 6 wks now and I see results, but Im worried about how much results I'll see. The doctor says I wont see my true results until about 3 mths. I'm about your size and built, african american too and always had the same pooch problem.
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You are looking great! overall how long it took for the hardness/swelling/pain to dissipate?
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My update a couple of years later with NO...

My update a couple of years later with NO exercising! This was WELL WORTH it!


Looking good there lady, I believe I'm going to use the same doc after looking at your results
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I think your result is AWESOME!
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Thank you so much for your posting. I am scheduled to have my procedure done next Thurdays Nov. 7 2013. I have read lost of posts on this site, and when I came across yours pics I wanted to know more. Thank you for Keeping It REAL!!! I am more confident now, since some of these posts made me want to get my money back.
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4 Years Later

Dang time has passed really fast! I know some are probably tried of my updates but some will appreciate them :) It has been 4 years since my first smart lipo and I am STILL loving it! The best decision I ever made. I wish I would have gotten the fat on my bra rolls done at the same time. Anyway the scars are still visible as you can see from the picture..after 4 years! I knoww right, lol....but then again I have not done anything to assist in fading them. I just wanted to post this update to say that I do not exercise at all and after 4 years my results are still good. So if you are lazy like me and thinking of getting it it done I would recommend it! :) Let me know how your results come out. :)


Not tired of your updates!  It's really helpful to see the long view, so thank you for continuing for so long!
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I can't wait until I get mine done! I'm glad I came across your blog!!! You look great!! :-)
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