BBL Part 3: New Beautiful Beginnings - Tijuana, MX

To read about my whole journey, please first read...

To read about my whole journey, please first read my BBL part 1 and BBL part 2 pages.

Since the BBL part 1 and 2 pages were getting so full and unusable, all updates will now be on this page. Please leave a comment on this page to ensure you're notified each time I update.


At the mere YOUTHFUL age of 48, it's turning out to be JUST THAT GREAT...Yes hunty!!! My PHATTY will be celebrating her first year anniversary and birthday on AUG 12,2014 so stay tuned and WELCOME ABOARD THE PARTY TRAIN cause SHE's going out w a BANG!!! Pull up a chair, a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine dolls cause we have lots of GIRL TALK to come in a few weeks to unwind! I will be sharing w all of my SUSTAGURLFRIEND 's and a few haters too I welcome u as well for our "HOTT AS HELL TOPICS!" Pics will follow...don't turn that dial! Toodles!


Yes it's going to be the hippest trip so get on board the soul2soul foot stomping phatty's from all over the WORLD in different shapes n sizes celebrating their own unique personality and personal inhancement in every way,aboard the party train! That's right no discrimination , no throwing shade or hatred just simply CELEBRATING EACH OTHER for our decisions to continue to LOVE OURSELVES by ENHANCING THE PHENOMENAL WOMEN WE ALREADY WERE!
So let's set the tone and the atmosphere: from the latest hip hop, R&B , Jazz and even some contemporary GOSPEL to even remember our DOLLS that lives were lost during sx! Oh yes ... ALL is included and welcomed! A live DJ and even a BAND to provide entertainment to the part of the PARTY TRAIN that's called "HEAVEN N HELL", now of course HELL CABOOSE TRAIN is on the opposite in of the train! (Lol) Sexeeangel has also provided all of the sexiest finger licking sexy foods and drinks (pink panty's , slow skew just to name a few )etc)u could ever think of for her girls, so all you will need to do to register for this never ever ending unforgettable party train ride is a :
1.Positive Attitude!!!!!
2.Sexy Stelletoes and Attire!!!
Wwwwwwho got time for that other STUFF rt?
4. Drink your SHAKES so visit:
( bcz ur going to need to build up your stamina and energy for your JOURNEY and maintain the NEW ENHANCED YOU!!!
So without further due cause it's going to take an entire week to register all of my guest and BEAUTIFUL BOOTIFUL DOLLS frm all around the entire globe (UK, SPAIN AND BRAZIL) we aren't leaving w/o YOU!!! Each caboose on this PARTY TRAIN will have a different title so every DOLL will know their way around ! There will be the " Master Class, BOTTOMS UP, Style N Grace, Red Velvet , PURPLE RAIN, BOOTY CAMP, UPSIDE DWN LB CAKE and High on Living HEALTHY LIFESTYLES!! Now be mindful of your JOURNEY enjoying every bit of all PAMPERING from our PS who will escort his/her Greatest Masterpieces aboard the WILDEST ride you'll ever experience in your lifetime! See ya realllll soon on Aug 12th debuting our very own MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES.."OUR PRINCESS WITHIN..."

Well it's 6 days ......

Count down til the BOOTY PARTY TRAIN rolls out. The engines started the lines are as far as MILES away n all this sweltering heat so I being the SOUTHERN CHURCH GURL that ROCKS w such great hospitality I have ordered in cool and refreshing drinks that is GREAT FOR BEFORE AND AFTER our SURGICAL ENHANCEMENTS. Great ANTITOXIN !Take a peek.... 


I need to pause the planning for a GREAT cause! Plz let's go over to RIGHTANDTIGHT 's journal page sand show her some LOVE!! Let her know her RS SISTERS R HERE WITH HER AND UNITED WE STAND....rt? Read her AUG 8th update! 1,2,3 ready set GOooooo BLOW HER PAGE UP W LOVE!!!!

COUNT DWNNN 3....2....1....

My My !!!! From Dr. Pantolja's Princesses to Dr.Cardenas Cookies, Dr. Campos Candles, Dr. Cabrals Barbies, Dr. Cortez Bodacious Donks, to Dr.Jimmersens Reality Donkalicious Donk a Donks, Dr. Schulman's Showstoppers, Dr. Salama Sunshines , Dr Yily's Dolls , Dr. Baez Bootiful Booties, Dr. Durans Dolls, Dr. Ortega's Onyx's and Dr. Mendieta''s Marvelous Masterpieces ,Dr. Diaz Diamonds and we dolls and dollett's dare leave out Dr. Hughes "just post the dam Pics will ya"? Last but not the LEAST and it doesn't ever go without saying and NDDS NO INTRODUCTION..Dr. Fisher 's FRIDAY FISH FRY SMOKING HOTT AS HELL MKE U SLAP YO OWN MAMA wearing their matching daisy dukes imprinted w WAT WAT... Shet UP !!!
As each PS escorted each and every one of their personalized masterpieces aboard the train for the time of their life to finally meet n greet with beautiful ladies from all around the world whom we all at some point encouraged each other, we will now get to put a face with out online name! Oh but wait to keep things as we all our accustomed to no one will be addressed by their birth name ONLY their ONLINE NAME! Now that everyone has a glass of wine or champagne of their choice or non alcoholic beverage to compliment the NAUGHTY GIRL appetizer's SEXEEANGEL created from a fat as dill pickle, penis lollipops.exotic chocolate bedroom candies , eatable sex toys to enjoy w your significant others when we return our destination . Games to play in the caboose train that took us each back dwn memory lane from whence we came like "the blue pill " the jazz room whch solely reminded each of us of the waiting room where anxiety creep up on everyone of us as we awaited for our name be called by Lucy, Nadia , Nancy etc
Now on our way to that dressing room we passed by the all white n gold HEAVEN N HELL ROOM whch was like a Jack n Jill side by side connected by a bathroom just in case someone had to empty their bladder before their "come to Jesus" moment where Mz Diva was conducting the most powerful prayer one ever could hear!
Suddenly you could hear a pin drop!! Where was our hostesss? Has anyone seen or heard from sexeeangel?? The music has now switched too Talk dirty to me and her favorite song " WIGGLE WIGGLE...." so without further due allow me to introduce the SEXIEST ANGEL ON THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN! Oooo' and aaah's were heard all around throughout the train.....dr. Pantolja sounding off in his don cornealus voice ...".Sexeeangelllll" (imagine that )

Anniversary Pics

Who is she?.....PHENOMINAL WOMAN that's ME!!!!

I give all PRAISES to GOD first and foremost and I couldn't have done it without him a the ANCHOR of my JOURNEY throughout this past YEAR and I am MOST GRATEFUL to YOU LORD!
I thank you FATHER GOD for going with me to a foriegn country, knowing NO ONE and you worked thru my PS despite language barriers, dishonesty , misunderstanding moments,YET you enabled my PS to ENHANCE what YOU HAD ALREADY MADE INTO THE WORLDS GREATESS CREATION and most UNIQUELY WONDERFULLY MADE CREATION and PRECIOUS CARGO that no MAN on this earth could ever do and for this I THANK YOU FATHER GOD!
Now without further due, let's get this HOLY GHOST FOOT STONPING HAND CLAPPING' PRAISE PARTY in with lyrics come from various artist FOREVER JONES, TRINITY 57, Yolanda Adams all the way to BROWNSTOWN, JILL SCOTT, FANTASIA, JENNNIFER HUDSON, JAHEIM, GERALD LEVERT,BONEY JAMES ,NEW EDITION cause ain't no party like a WSET COAST PARTY cause WEST COAST PARTY DONT STOP! Especially for those DIE HEART OAKLAND RAIDER FANS who may not win but we sho know how to PARTY! So I hope u ladies have brought you a pair of slippers or flat ballerina shoes cause them pretty STELLETOES will be BURIED b4 the train returns to our destination!
To our DOLLETTES who are aboard this BOOTAY TRAIN who have not had your big day yet just EXCUSE US RS SUSTAS /DOLLS that have completed their journeys because at times throughout this train ride she may just decide to drop it like it's HOTT! BReak out in a SHOUT OF PRAISE N WORSHIP or simply GRAB your hand and say "LET IT GO, no one here is going to judge you, place blame BE YOURSELF LOVE YOU BFECZ YOUR BEAUTIFUL IN WVERY WAY AND WE ARE ALSO CELEBRATING EACH OTHER- WOMEN EMPOWERING OTHER WOMEN no matter what CIRCLE or CLICK you thought you represent, it all STOPS HERE! So as everyone embraced each other w warm hugs n kisses becz some of us have NEVER ever seen each other n person yet for years we gave BONDED like we should and supported each other in every way possible! As the music lowered , drum roll sounded "ooo's n aaah's flowed throughout the room as our very own "SEXEEANGEL " graciously did her "CAT WALK" dwn to the mike to greet us n that tell it all YELLOW BEBE well watchu say lil mama wit all dat AZZ from CALI to them PEARLIE WHITE GATES and streets of GOLD! Yes she is an ANGEL by the way, just on temporary assignment! Well work it lil mama just for those HATERS who always had to comment oh yeah one can look like that with their CG on! Well she's RICKIN that YELLOW DRESS like the QUEEN BEE herself! Sizzle sizzle bby girl yeassssszzz HUNTY allllllll me! Showing off her 29 inch SNATCHED WAIST , breast now 38, upper area just below breast 31, butt holding on goes from 44 to 43!!
Now as the evening grew and our PARTY TRAIN made it's way on its journey SEXEEANGEL had a different PS to have a question and answer period for everyone in the MASTER CLASS CABOOSE, VETS like my girl who ENCOURAGE me along the way held BOOTAY CAMP dwn ... Ms BIGBOOTYTINYWAIST, PRETTY PHYSIQUE held dwn the RED VELVET CABOOSE,BOOTY4REAL was rockin the BOTTOMS UP caboose while ELLI890 educated us all on LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE BUT NOOO PHATMOMMY thru it dwn in STYLE N GRACE, Nelly JELLY had the PURPLE RAIN RAINING w lots of surprises in store for us all ...wattt Nelly NEL is that you sustagurlfriend? Now my gurl Princess Zulu had the dance floor rocking n which she made her debut by having us all in stitches, rt VETS? Well for or new dollettes she wouldn't take off her CG FA shit u here me, so we teased her in LOVE w the nick name "AAAH DO DA STANKY LEG! " Now are cake was of course custom made of the famous work of PS SURGEON DR. Fishers "MIAMI THONG CUT featuring SEXEEANGEL's revision VERSION!! IJS
Sexeeangel ended the morning with Morning DEW (sweet hour of PRAYER in rememberance of our FALLEN SUSTAGIRFRIENDS and our famous GIRL TALK!! She credited her PS for a wonderful outstanding job on her TT , his scar is PERFECTLY STRAIGHT N THIN AND IT VANISHES to a very faintish line but his skill placement in the bbl area well TO BE ELABORATED on at a later time TBD!! There is pending circumstances that must go forth first before I answer any further question but as I promised another RS sister I won't leave w/O stating the final answer to everyone's question!
I leave with you STRESSING TO ALL LADIES WHO CONSIDER THIS SX : PREPARE TOUR BODY FIRST N FOREMOST MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY, GET THISE PRE SURGICAL VITAMIN PAKS FROM MMH.Com, loose the weight if the PS of your choice advises you to do so and if you need help on how PM me and I WILL SHOW YOU HOW that's what most of our VETS love doing and that is HELPING YOU ALL OUT! We spend our QUALITY TIME THAT WE TAKE FRM OURSELVES AND FAMILIES TO DOCUMENT OUR PERSONAL JOURNAL SO READ THEM THERALLY! It's valuable info to YOU! EXERCISE!!! Eat lean n clean as soon as you decide to get the future sx! Watch n see what flourishes and blossoms along the way ... All kinds of TREASURES YOUR BODIES HAD HIDDEN AWAY INSIDE OF YOU!! RememberYOU are already BEAUTIFUL N EVERY WAY AND WONDERFULLY MADE And YOU are just GETTING AN ENHANCEMENT for the rest of your SEXEE JOURNEY here on this side of HEAVEN!! Quit the HATRED, the JUDGMENTAL remarks on others page, one never knows what that person may have been going thru that day! LEARN TO LOVE YOU BE HAPPY W YOU so that others can see YOUR INNER JOY and GRAVITATE TOWARDS YOU! I LOVE ME JUST AS I WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE SEXEE OLE LIL ME THAT GOD MADE ME NOT MAN!!! My future for sure expand a few businesses I am working on that Cares for PEOPLE n HEALING SITUATIONS!!! U catch that? Oh and hmmmm if I keep on making it do what it do sho knows my MR NYG just might be REELED ON IN ON MY HOOK... Lol ! After rocking that sea coral bck out t-shirt dress back in MAY for my bday member looking like 28 not 48, he says he is planning to bring me to meet his family, travel abroad just he and I before I set it off with living OUR oops MY DESTINY AND DREAMS to the fullest! Member he doesn't want to commit .... Chile , little girls plz pay no attention to OUR MEN THEY ARE CONFUSED AS TWO LEFT SHOES! Bible says Man SHALL NOT LIVE ALONE AND WHAT LADIES? Behind every GOOD MAN there's a GREAT STRONG WOMAN!!! So they do what they do, say what they say, but hey... "WE BIG BOOTY JUDY's got dis ! " RIGHT.....u got it NOW lay it oN 'EM!!! Shhhhhh u ain't heard it from
Ms. JENKINS boo! Xoxoxo x's

It's here...AUGUST 12,2014!!!!

This time last year I was on my way from CLUB MED to see DR. P and take my blue pill...nighty nite!
Here are a few credits of pics I used for recovery and pre opt:


Women Empowering WOMEN!!! I've included yet another natural desert we can have during dieting and preparing for our big day and for those who need to gain weight just put in all the artificial sugars and other ingredients those of us who are dieting or maintaining after our sx's!!! Bon Apetite!

OMG....charge to my MIND and not my HEART

One of our NEWEST DOLLETTES on board the booty party train was in charge of " HEAVEN N HELL" and I forgot to mention and by now I know you all know whom I'm speaking in referenced too...
Yes none other than our very own MS. Diva The NEW ME who has at one point in time ENCOURAGED,EMPOWERED and INSPIRED US ALL at one time throughout our JOURNEY's becz if you don't know it by now my lil guardian angel YESSSS u were just that at times when I wanted to give up thinking I was never going to get to the end results but after reading encouraging words u took out time of your precious day to inspire someone else, I truly thank you and khjl and fingerscrossed02 and oooh wee WINTERSTORM86 lookout for her ya'll she chose the right online name cause she is a whirlwind. Now don't get this next VET twisted or mistaken with her JAZZY 51inches was so gorgeous the LADY N RED! Ms LADYB2011 with her beautiful S curve silhouette and do know that train wasn't taking off without you!!!!


RAIDERSSSSSSS... Just win BBY! And that We did now this twelve month had a few surprises but never the less I will discuss that in my final chapter called the "final REVELATION PT3"!
Boppy pillow works well on the toilet seat!!! If you get the one at Target that looks like a purse, pull that flap back, wrap it up in plastic cover turn it backwards and let it rip!!!!
Ladies..... Keep those CG's on!!!!

Still trying to load this quote...

I found....

Them there DOGS!!!!!

Who let the dogs out????? Dayummmm "nyg's HOTT SUGAR" was in such rare form today and just TURNED DWN FA WAT ! Shit I had to just get in my car and come bck home and sit dwn! Don't even try it!! Ya"ll here me?
So my honey had to take his son bck home to Virginia and he text me and says keep her tight n just rt til I get bck ok bby! Hmm I just look at the text w/o answering bck for a minute no hours heck let him sweat... Mr. Don't Want to COMMIT! Rt! He not worried abt lil ole me ova here ? Soon as I walk out the door I run into a high school sweetheart, dayummmmm girl is this who I think it is? He hugs me and won't let go! Lol with his look like he needed a woman's touch to his wardrobe w his over size clothing on and all he needed was a wife beater n some jeans on and women would run after him as they did in school yrs ago ! He was so out done he said dayum I shld have married YOU! Ok E nice seeing u enuf alrdy ! I began to sit dwn at my table and BAAM my phn rings hey bby I wanna see u later on .... AHHH hell to the naw, not his FRUGILE ASS! Got rid of him advising him I'm out of twn (only two blcks frm my house ) lol! Beep beep a text comes thru... Whatcha think? Now that text I shld have answered but imma be good and run my errands n my BBY's drop top Beemer he left me to take care of! Just my luck someone sees me being a lil mischief huh!
So since I didn't answer NYG's text from earlier he calls and says bby girl u ignoring me ? Ohhhh no dear just running errands and let's see if you will do like wise w my friend? Ya"ll u could here a pin drop dead silence all of a sudden... Dare that NYG swagger appeal arrogance coming on winding up and I come we the quick comeback ... Hello, hello bby can you here. me? And I HUNG UP! I miss then dam ole AZZ pink plastic phones we had on big mama's gold metal phone stand cause WE can't SLAMMMM DA MOFO PHN LIKE WE USED TOO , rt? Lmbo ! Let him get a taste of his own medicine, leaving me here in Cali on a nice Hott SIZZLING SUMMER SATURDAY W ALL THIS AZZ !!! Go RAVENS!!!!

Pics pleasssssse......

Upload darn it !!!

Woo Woo!

Ain't even trying.....that's the bad part about it! I bet it's that shake! I told u ladies ....IT WORKKKKKKS!!! At sx I weighed


Roll call to all my Bay Area RS sustagurlfriends.... Everyone ok? That was bigger than our 1989 4.0 ! Be safe we have cement buckles, one bridge closed near NAPA.
Well one thing I do know if my lil big booty Judy made it through this....she's gonna be alright!

Getting back to our regular televised programming...BBL!

Ok after taking a PAUSE 4 the CAUSE... EARTHQUAKE!!! See DOLLS we ROCKED that BOOTY TRAIN so HARD we caused an 6.1 "EaRtHQuake and 3.9 AFTERSHOCKS for an entire WEEK long but SEXEEANGEL has always been known to THROW DOWN some AWESOME COOKOUTS AND PARTIES up north in CALI!!! So back to our regular televised programming and station topic and that's the educating others on the LIFE AFTER BBL procedure becz most ladies think after sx there's no need for exercise nor eating a completely different style of eating "LEAN AND CLEAN " in order to keep that flat tummy, snatched waist and bootified PHATTY! Oooh there is a method to the madness!
But first we must learn by researching what a BBL is and how the procedure works and is done on the day of surgery in order to determine if we are the IDEAL candidate! I found some pointers that may help our new members if they happen to run accross my journal .....
Q:Is fat grafting always successful?
A:Successful fat grafting is dependent upon the nature of the fatty tissue, the methods of harvesting, transfer and placement, and the preparation of the patient. Fatty tissue is complex and delicate and easily damaged. It takes complete precision because of the millimeters involved in facial elements. Fat is very small and grafting is a painstaking procedure as it is injected in layers to adhere together.

Q:Which is better if I want buttock augmentation: a buttock implant or fat grafting?
A:Buttock implants have the potential of moving or sliding in the pocket where they are placed. Fat grafting is particularly attractive to most people because you are taking fat from fatty regions of the body and using this to contour the buttocks. Best of both worlds! Once the fat lives in its new location, fluid collections and mobile implants are not a concern.

Q:What are some of the complications?
A:Most complications occur in the aesthetic arena and are due to over or under correction. The technique is crucial. A sharp needle can pierce an artery. Fat injected in the wrong location can block capillaries shutting off blood flow or damage soft tissues. Other complications include infection or fat necrosis (dead fat that may potentially need to be removed through a small incision because of a “bump” felt on exam). Smoking and drinking alcohol can cause additional complications.
It is important to be confident in your practitioner’s credentials and experience with regard to this special technique.


My sustagurlfriend the spot light is on's SHOWTIME bby gurl! Everyone let's stop by her page and encourage her a successful sx and speedy recovery! Thanks Dolls!

13 mos and still SNATCHED !

Hello beautiful bootiful butterflies! Yes I'm 13 mos and still dealing with swelling issues to say the least. No weight gain, still SNATCHED as all GET OUT! But I think my body is telling me that it's tired of the compression and the squeem becz I have a nasty rash on my back from heat hear in Cali!!! But yes it's true dollett's that you can still SWELL and BLOAT if u don't wear your FAJA ! Dayuuuuum alrdy enuf is enuf rt! One would think but ohhhh no! And you know what it's like a dope feem on it's crack fix, I need her just as well as she be calling my name! Yes u should see the look on my face while my Mr. NYG is visiting and I wish da hell he wld hurry the hell up and leave because I have a date w my CG!!! Lmbo ok! But I keep calm cause I'm going dwn w the SHIP!
I've eaten so well ladies that if I sneak and have any "DIRTY FOODS" guess what...I SWELL UP! so I wear my CG to work on top of my squeem and sleep freely at night ... On days the swelling decides to cease, I just wear my squeem. Shit I been in my CG so long I done forgot what it's like to wear my thong tha thong thongs! Ok here are se pics of me in my shirt I won becz I succeeded in the challenge I took on in order to help a child in this world w OBESITY! Won't u join me? It's for a great cause ladies.....
Dr. Salvator Pantoja

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey would love to have a conversation with you will you inbox me please. BTW you look great
  • Reply
Thank you luv!
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Happy Anniversary!!! I am LOVIN' the HEAT for the last week! But i am NOT in a faja,lol. You look GREAT Muneca!
  • Reply
Thank you but u only did ur arms rt? Yeah different strokes for different folks but I sure hope that love hate relationship ceases soon! It's that darn bloating feeling at times.
  • Reply
YW! Yeah i did just my arms. I hope you feel better soon.
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Well done you for being strong and being so confident!! Hope you recovered well are healthy and enjoying your new image. Keep well and happy !!
  • Reply
Thank u love ! Thanks for stopping by my journal.
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Thanks for always being there during my journey to the booty lands ;) super real friend sure is the # 1 title for you. Your heart is sincere and we love it. Thank you thank you thank you sis. My angel.
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Aaaw!!!! Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to educate you and open to all of my journal ideas! I want you to pass the torch becz that's what this site should be about women empowering each other unconditionally! Love ya and I will see u on the other side my phn is on!!! Look at dat big bootay gurl!
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Hey sexeeangel, hope ur well! Can't wait to see ur pics......
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Hi calibomb! Yes I'm well thank you!
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You are really "shaking" things up Angel. I'm so glad that you and lil miss big booty judy are safe!
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Lmbo ok!!!! Let me sit her dwn somewhere rt? Thanks for showing my page some love!
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Glad you are okay! You look fab, and congrats on the weight loss! I need to get there lol.
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Thank you and you can just like how I did (weight loss) in box me!
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Glad you're ok sista.
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Of course these Quakes are NO JOKE! Have a good evening.
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Yes we all did !!!! I thought this one felt bigger thou but GOD!!!
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Glad you're safe and well :) Do you have peeps in Napa?
  • Reply
Yes!!!! House n cars were lost they lived rt next to hwy 37
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Sorry to hear that i hope they are healthy and well. It is very unfortunate but these material things can be replaced and their lives can't. It is tragic and memories,pictures&everything gone. I can empathize. God is good. Prayers to your family/friends in Napa
  • Reply
Yes thank you! That's exactly what we all said and that's why we have insurance .
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:) It's hard to hear that though when you are going through it. Prayers. My friend had a massive stroke and is unconscious,i was at the hospital yesterday. I'm so drained. The family in the same waiting room lost their dad and that was so sad,made me cry. UGH!!!! Happy Tuesday!
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