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Can Retin-A Give a Facelift Effect if Used Long Term?

Does Retin-A have a Facelift effect if used long term? Does Retin-A improve skin collagen production? READ MORE

Recommended Retin-A Regimen for Collagen Production?

I have been using it in 6 week periods, applying in the evenings, getting peeling of the skin, then when the pealing stops I will give it a rest for a... READ MORE

Can Long Term Use of Retin-A Help Reduce Acne Scarring?

Hi, I was put on Accutane when I was 14 and it cleared up my acne. My scarring improved dramatically after many micro dermabrasion sessions.... READ MORE

Is Retin-A Micro Gel As Good As the Normal Gel for Collagen?

Is Retin-A Micro Gel as good as the normal gel for stimulating collagen and is there any major difference between the strengths in terms of results... READ MORE

Can Retin A Interfere with Collagen Production from a Total Fraxel 2-3 Months After?

Although my doctor says it is ok to use Retin A 2 months after my total fraxel, I read on an internet site that it could interfere with the collagen... READ MORE

Would Retin A help with skin sagging?

My skin is starting to sag, but I don't really jowls. It's more like my face has this downward droop and the fat is falling. I think the majority of... READ MORE

Retin-A on breasts safe?

I have read about the benefits of Tretinoin including increased collagen, firmness, and increased elasticity to the skin. My question is, would... READ MORE

Will Retinyl Palmitate Thin or Thicken the Skin

I've read that it boosts collagen, helps produce new skin cells and thickens the skin but I've also read that it is an exfoliator and thins... READ MORE

Can I Produce Too Much Collagen?

I am using: -retin-a 0.25% (ziana) for acne (but I believe this dose also has collagen building properties) - peptides (Skinmedica TNS ceramide... READ MORE

Does Retin A Rejuvenate Sub Cutaneous Collagen and Elastin?

We know that Retin A rejuvenated the epidermis and dermis, restructuring and repairing and correcting damaged DNA. Is there any clinical evidence that... READ MORE

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