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Should I be worried about peeling the skin off after a vi peel?

I had a vi peel and on day three I started peeling. I thought the instructions; don't pull at the skin, meant if it was tough to remove, don't pull it. So naturally I removed what came off easily. The new skin underneath felt good and it was a relief to remove the tight itchy dead skin. I'm worried now because the new skin feels tight a day later and looks pretty red.

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Peeled skin off before it fell off after Vi Peel

Most people have an urge to peel at the flakey skin post peel. The new skin that has been exposed to the environment was not ready. It is unlikely you caused any damage but your recovery time may take a little longer. Call the office where you had your Vi Peel and ask for a "post procedural" serum such as NeoCutis Bio Serum to use with the post peel moisturizer that came in your take home pack. Using this serum under the provided moisturizer will repair, ease discomfort and add essential support to protect. Make sure your not leaving the house without SPF 30. 

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