If I Have White Spots on Teeth and I Use Crest White Strips, Will the Spots Get Whiter Permanently?

I have two light white spots on my front teeth barely noticeable. Not sure if I've always had them. I started using Crest white strips (the 14 day pack at a half hour each day). On the 5th day, I did things differently and I brushed my teeth first with Crest vivid whitening toothpaste before using the strips. After using my 5th strip, I'm noticing that one of the white spots seems more noticeable and whiter. I'm upset that it may remain this way. What can I do?? Did it strip my enamel too?

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Crest White strips and whitening


The white spots will get whiter and the regular teeth will get lighter as well.  Neither of them will be permanent.  No whitening is permanent that is currently available and probably will never be.

Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist
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Crest White Strips and White Spots


The Whitestrips will make both the white spots whiter and the "yellow" teeth whiter. neither of which will be permanent.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Cosmetic Dentist

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