What is a Seroma?

I've heard about seromas being a plastic surgery complication, but I'm not entirely sure what exactly a seroma is. Can someone please tell me? Also, do seromas happen with every type of plastic surgery or just some?


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Seromas are a collection of fluid


A seroma is a collection of fluid between tissue planes.  These can sometimes be absorbed by the body when they are small and need to be drained if they are larger.  A common operation in plastic surgery where these can happen is a tummy tuck.

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Seroma is fluid collection


A seroma is a fluid collection that collects following surgery, trauma, or other causes. The lymphatic system in the body is able to absorb a small seroma. Larger seromas will require aspiration and rarely open drainage. Seromas usually occur in procedures requiring wide undermining (e.g abdominoplasty).

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