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I Just Wanna Know How Much is the Cost of Goretex Rhinoplasty?

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Cost of a rhinoplasty

It is important  to try to attempt to use patient's own natural cartilage tissue to augment the nasal bridge. In Asian noses, we use a Silastic implant, not Gore-Tex. Our rhinoplasty photo  gallery and price list are located on the link below 

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I Just Wanna Know How Much is the Cost of Goretex Rhinoplasty?

Goretex can be safely used for rhinoplasty. However, it is impossible to know if this would be appropriate for you without a consultation or photos, at a minimum. With that said, Goretex adds a small additional cost to a standard rhinoplasty the cost of which ranges from $5000-10,000 depending upon your location and the surgeon that you choose for the procedure. I hope this information is helpful.

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