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How Do Surgeons Address The Upper Pubic Area With A Tummy Tuck

I see alot of pictures online were women have tummy tucks after weight loss but they are left with all the fat/lose skin that bulges above and around the vagina, making it look alot like part of a mans privates. To change that, Is there a different surgery? or is it something that is supposed to be included in the TT? Thanks.

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Addressing the mons with a tummy tuck

The pubic area should be addressed when needed as part of a tummy tuck procedure. Most women requiring a tummy tuck do have some lax skin with some relative drooping. This can be addressed by tightening and repositioning of the mons. If there is an excessive amount of fat, this can be countoured either by direct removal of fat or with liposuction. Ultimately, there should be harmony between the appearance of the abdomen and the mons.

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Pubic area fullnes and tummy tuck

Any abdominoplasty or lower body lift should address the supra pubic area, especially in loss patients. This can be directly incisioned, liposuctioned or lifted as part of the abdominoplasty procedure.

Donna Rich, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Addressing The Pubic Area Bulge With a Tummy Tuck

The bulging in the pubic area (in medical terms referred to as the mons pubis) is easily addressed during a tummy tuck.  With all of my tummy tucks, I will treat the mons pubis area if necessary to ensure that it's appearance does not detract from the final result.  With the tummy tuck, the area in the mons will be lifted and therefore either liposcuction or direct removal of the excess fat in this area should flatten it out and give you a very nice, smooth result.  This is always included in my tummy tuck procedures.  Best Wishes!!!!!

Louis DeLuca, MD
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Pubic area and tummy tuck

The pubic area is addressed during tummy tuck. The treatment of the area depends on the problem. If it is swollen and looks overfilled, then liposuction is he answer, if it is droopy then it should be lifted. During your plastic surgery consultation, you surgeon should address all aspects of your tummy tuck and that includes the pubic area.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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Mons Pubis Lift with TT

Although a tummy tuck will often improve the pubic region, often a pubis lift done at the same time is required for the best result. The recovery period will not change in most cases

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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How to address the pubis in abdominoplasty.

As in most body contouring procedures, the approach to the pubis depends upon the issues presented. For some women, a simple upward tightening is all that is necessary to improve the contour. In cases where the mons pubis is too fat, either direct excision or liposuction is a nice adjunct to improve the contour. Liposuction seems to lead to less postoperative swelling by theoretically leaving more lymphatic drainage intact. In certain cases of massive weight loss, the mons may be too wide. This can be corrected at the time of medial thigh lifting by extending the incision from the thigh upwards to join the abdominoplasty and in turn, remove the excessive skin. Be wary of pictures however, particularly if you don't have the postoperative date displayed. Many photos are very early in the recovery phase and depend swelling in the pubis is very common and resolves over 6-12 weeks in most cases.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Pubic Contouring During Or After A Tummy tuck

This is a very good question and is the one area in tummy tuck surgery that is often overlooked or will require a secondary procedure for optimal flattening. Because the pubic area lies below the lower tummy tuck incision, it can be hard to appreciate how it will be effected by the uplift from a tummy tuck procedure. Pubic contour issues are either loose sagging skin, a fullness or bulge due to fat, or a combination of both. The larger the abdominal pannus or overhang the more this pubic concern will exist. This must be assessed before surgery to determine if the lower tummy tuck incision should be modified to produce a pubic lift or whether pubic reduction by liposuction will be needed. If in doubt it can always be addressed as a secondary procedures through a small skin lift and/or liposuction.

Pubic lift with tummy tuck

a typical tummy tuck doesnt include treatment of the pubic area as this varies from patient to patient.

treatment can include   suctioning, excision, both..   talk with your surgeon about your concerns

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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How Do Surgeons Address The Upper Pubic Area With A Tummy Tuck

You are absolutely correct with your observation that the pubic area is sometimes ignored in abdominoplasty.

I nearly always do liposuction of this area during the course of tummy tuck surgery.

If the pubic area is enlarged or sagging as is usually the case following massive weight loss, then I dip down with my abdominoplasty skin excision to remove the upper pubic skin and lift the remainder of the pubis.

Good luck!


Eric Pugash, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck, pubis

You should discuss this concern thoroughly with your surgeon prior to the surgery day. As the other doctors have mentiioned, we try and get all the correction done on the day of surgery within the bounds of safety. I do find in massive weight loss patients that the elasticity of the skin is so badly damaged, that no matter how tightly we get the initial result, it still can be beneficial after 6-12 months to go back and do a small revision in the pubic area to get a further improvement.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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