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Ultrashape Vs. Smartlipo

hi, i´ve been checking out these two procedures, but i found a lot of controversy, so i´m a little confused:s which one shows results faster or better?are the fat really excreted or just reabsorved by the body? do smartlipo leave scars?are the cannula to suction the fat of the smartlipo different, smaller, from the one used in lipossution? can u have both done, but in different parts of the body? a lot of questions,i know, but i hope u can help me with them. thanks, aisha

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UltraShape versus Smartlipo

UltraShape is a non-surgical procedure that destroys stubborn fat deposits.  Smartlipo is an invasive surgical procedure.

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UltraShape vs SmartLipo

These treatments to decrease fat are completely different.  UltraShape is non surgical, non thermal ultrasound to selectively destroy fat cells whereas, SmartLipo is invasive surgical laser assisted fat destruction combined with liposuction.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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UltraShape is not surgery, Smartlipo is

UltraShape is a non-surgical procedure that dissolves unwanted fat cells. It is an alternative for patients who want long-term fat reduction but do not want liposuction or any other form of surgery. Smartlipo is surgery, i.e. a different take on traditional liposuction.

UltraShape  uses focused ultrasound and, with the new Version 3 device just released, combines this with radiofrequency energy (RF) to destroy fat cells. This is an office based procedure that does not require any anesthesia as there is little or no discomfort. There is no chance of bruising or swelling and patients can return to normal activities immediately, with no need to wear a garment. The best results are obtained with three treatments. In our clinic (in Canada, where UltraShape is approved since 2007), the average loss is 4.5 cms. (nearly 2 inches). The results are usually visible 2 - 3 weeks after each treatment. With UltraShape, the fat cells are indeed destroyed and the released fat is then metabolised by the liver, just like the fat in the food you eat. The areas that can be treated are the abdomen, the "love handles", the inner and outer thighs and the "back rolls".

Smartlipo is  surgery that requires anesthesia and leaves small scars. The difference with traditional lipo is that the cannulas inserted through the skin and into the fat destroy the fat with a laser beam rather than just suction it out. The claim is that the heat generated by the laser will also help to tighten the overlying skin, although this remains controversial. As with traditional lipo, Smartlipo can cause some swelling, bruising and pain in the treated areas and can require the wearing of an elastic garment afterwards. The results are immediate but best visible when all of the swelling goes away.

Liposuction, whether traditional or laser-assisted, is the gold-standard for fat removal. The non-invasive procedures like UltraShape will never replace lipo nor be as predictable. However, UltraShape is an alternative for patients who do not want surgery or its side effects.

Arie Benchetrit, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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First, Ultrashape is not approved for use in the US. It...

First, Ultrashape is not approved for use in the US. It basically works by focused external ultrasound on the underlying tissues. And yes, the body absorbs the emulsified fat products and excrete them. This requires several treatments. On the other hand Smartlipo uses a laser light to emulsify fat and the fat then has to be sucked out with another method( liposuction cannulas. It can be a very slow process that may or may not tighten the skin as well.

The new Smartlipo machine is coming to market this month, and is supposed to be much faster and better thent he older machine. Smart lipo will leave scars fromt he introduction of the cannulas. I do not believe that you can have both done at the same time to the same areas.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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