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Is Ulthera Useful for Droppy Eyelids?

Hi, I am 35 years old and have some excess skin on my upper eyelids. I have tried Botox to erase some horizontal frown lines as well as give the brows a lift, which it did but not to the extent I would like to see. My question is, am I running a risk of assymetry by having ultherapy done to my upper forehead/brow/eye area? I never had high brows to begin with, just want to get rid of the "tired" eye look without looking freakish! :) Thanks!

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Ultherapy for browlifting and eyelid rejuvenation


Ultherapy is an excellent modality for brow lifting. This can be used successfully in addition to an eyelid lift to open up the eyes. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Ultherapy is not for eye lifting


Ultherapy is a great procedure but the patients must be picked carefully.  The brow can be elevated 2-6 mm in height.  It is not permanent  and the height will be unpredictable   This does not lift the eyelid and eyelid surgery may be the best long term answer 

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Ulthera for Droopy Eyelids


Ulthera can be used, to raise the brows and give the eyes a more open appearance.  The treatment cannot be performed on the upper lids or inside the orbital rim in order to protect your vision.  However, we can treat above the brows and on the crowsfeet area to give you a lift of the brow, which than can open the eyes and make them less "heavy".  If your brows are currently symmetric, your brows should be treated symmetrically and result in a symmetric lift.  We have had good results with customizing treatments for patients who have asymmetric brows to make them more even.  Since this is a treatment that you see results in a progressive manner rather than an abrupt change, the patients have a very natural appearance that is generally not noticed other than them looking more "refreshed"!

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Ultherapy for doopy eyse It is a brow lift not and eyelid lift!


Eyelid lift and Brow lift are terms that are commonly confused or used interchangeably.  The Ulthera approach to eye rejuvenation that we perform in our practice is technically more of a browlift. The place of action is the forehead to lift the brow and secondarily lift the skin of the upper eyelid. It is not approved at this point for use directly on the delicate upper eyelid skin. This is why it is important to go to a place where they are well equiped to provide a full range of treatment options.  Frequently, lifting the brow is not enough to correct the sagging of upper eyelid skin, and in these instances we will perform a eyelid lift either with a fractional CO2 laser or surgically.  The CO2 effect on the upper eyelid lift is very dramatic and immediate. We can visibly see this thin skin contract on the spot.  These procedures can be performed in the same treatment setting.

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Ulthera is a Great 1st Step


Patients with heaviness and drooping of the upper eyelids most definitely can benefit from brow lifting procedure. Ulthera is one of the most effective non-surgical FDA-approved techniques to accomplish just that. Keep in mind that other factors can affect the rate of success - other medical conditions, enlargement of the lacrimal (tear) gland, and a family genetic tendency for loosening of the upper eyelid skin. This and other conditions may require additional procedures to fully correct.

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Ultherapy for Droopy Eyelids


Ultherapy is the only modality that is FDA approved to nonsurgically treat droopy eyelids. We have had the Ultherapy technology in our office for a year and a half, and have never experienced asymmetry when Ultherapy is used in conjunction with Botox. There are also a couple of surgical options that we perform in my practice that would be great to treat droopy eyelids, including an endoscopic brow lift and blepharoplasty. What would be right for you would be determined in a complementary consultation.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Try Fraxel re:pair


Although currently there is a shallow tip available for the Ulthera machien that treats at 1.5mm deep, I still feel that this is too deep for treatment of the eyelid and as such, this treatment could be dangerous. I believe Frael re:pair is much more effective to address looseness and wrinkling on upper and lower eyelids.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ultherapy of the forehead can cause an upper eyelid lift


Although Ultherapy can help lift the forehead, and with that the eyebrow and upper eyelid, it usually doesn't elevate so much to make people look strange as you're concerned, nor asymmetric, but I don't think it would lift your upper eyelids as much as you would like.  Your crease may be set very low and a plastic or oculoplastic surgeon may be able to reset your levator muscle to help elevate the crease in the upper eyelid. But if you're sold against surgery, then Ulthera is a reasonable approach, along with continued botox of the glabella of significant units to help lift along with treatment of the tail of the eyebrow area to lift that area, and even consideration of an off-label use of fillers such as Restylane in the upper eyelid near the eyebrow to help support the upper eyelid. This should only be done by an experienced filler injector, and after discussion of its risks.

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Ulthera gives brow lift, which helps droopy/heavy/hooded eyelids


Patients often see a subtle (but noticeable) brow lift of 2-3 mm.  If your brows are symmetrical and the treatment is applied symmetrically, you should have a symmetrical result.  When your brows lift, the distance between the top of your open eyelid and your brow increases.  This makes your eyelid appear less droopy or heavy or hooded.  In the picture, it looks like your left brow might be a little lower than the right.  If this is the case, more ulthera lines could be applied to your L forehead, resulting in increased lift of the left brow.  This would make your brows more symmetrical.  Remember that results vary by patient.

Houston Dermatologist
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It isn't consistent but most do experience some degree of lift

I find the ulthera device less consistent that eyelid surgery or a brow lift, but for those who do not want surgery it is a great alternative. Most people do get a lift but it is subtle. About one fourth of the patients get a considerable lift. It also softens the lines around the eyes but again unpredictable. I think as this device is used more and studied, the energy setting and depth of penetration will be improved so that we can get more consistent results
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