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Turkey Neck Procedure with Minimal Downtime?

I am 55 years old and would like to know which procedure is best for treating a turkey neck with the least amount of downtime?

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Turkey neck treatment options


The "turkey neck" is a typical sign of facial aging. Skin, muscle, and fat sag with age contributing to the typical appearance. The "turkey neck" is a more advanced sign of aging. Earlier signs of aging are chin wrinkles, jowling, and fullness under the chin.

Traditional face lift surgery with liposuction of the neck area is usually a great option. However, there is a healing period after surgery approximately a few weeks. To minimize downtime with faster recovery, more minimal incision face lifts (minimal access cranial lift, short scar lift, mini lifts, etc) have been developed. Patients have great results with these minimal procedures. Younger patients with earlier signs of facial aging benefit most from these minimal procedures. Older patients with advanced signs of aging may benefit more from the traditional face lift procedures.

Face lift surgery is individualized, and there isn't one face lift procedure that is appropriate for all patients. Age, skin quality, degree of fat, bone structure, and muscle tone are only some of the many factors that a plastic surgeon examine to develop a cosmetic surgery plan.

Speak to a plastic surgeon specializing in face lift surgery to help determine which face lift is appropriate e for you.

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Turkey neck treatment


The best treatment for a turkey neck is a face and neck lift.  The turkey neck is probably loose skin +/- muscle bands. These can be approache from a chin incision and facelift incisions.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Neck rejuvenation protocol


Neck lifts have undergone a great step forward in the recent past. The recovery time is minimal.

Problem 1: Neck fat - treatment liposuction - recovery to return to work - 2 days

Problem 2: Sagging neck muscles that create the turkey gobblers - platysmaplasty - through a small incision under the chin the muscles are tightened. - recovery time - 2 days.

Problem 3: Excess skin under the neck - you have two choices:

  • A small vertical incision under the chin (very difficult to see) can remove a large amount of excess skin. Recovery time 4 -5 days.
  • Extended necklift - excess skin is pulled behind the ears - better results, bigger procedure - recovery time 7-10 days.
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Cervicoplasty for turkey neck with almost no "downtime".


If you are a suitable candidate, a necklift might be the best solution for you. This operation fixes the muscles in the neck, removes escess fat, and correct turkey neck with minimum downtime. Patients may go about their daily activities the next day. The operation is outpatient, takes about an hour or so, and delivers predictably good results in the properly selected patient.

Web reference:,23-atlanta-facelift.htm

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Least down time for turkey neck



Turkey neck usually refers to excess skin and platysma muscle under the neck. Depending on the extent of the skin and muscle excess, you can be a candidate for a mini-facelift with 5 to 7 days of recovery. If you need some liposuction under the neck, this should not increase the downtime. Bruising takes the longest to resolve. Good cover up after 5 to 7 days should make it possible to return to non-strenuous activities.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Improve the appearance of a turkey neck


In general, "turkey neck" improvement requires a surgical procedure. What surgery is best for you really depends on what is sagging. Is it skin, is it fat, is it a separation of muscles or a combination of all three. In general improvement in the neck can be made through small incisions under the chin and behind the ears, nicely hidden in skin creases. I generally tell patients to expect to take 1-2 weeks off work from a desk job, but the healing process continues for longer than that. It is a surgery, but one with high patient satisfaction in my experience.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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