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Will a Tummy Tuck Move my Tattoos?

I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my son and now am covered in stretch marks on my stomach/hips. I also have loose skin on my lower belly. I'm assuming my tattoos on my hips will be completely gone, but what about the feathers? I also have a large tattoo that you can't see on my back and part of my hip. What will happen to that? Will they move? Is it possible to work around them?

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Some patients want their tattoos off along with the abdominoplasty and some want to keep them.


You have to explain to your surgeon what you would like to happen to your tattoo.  He/she can then predict the outcome on the location of the tattoo and amount of loose skin in the abdominal/hip area.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Will a Tummy Tuck Move my Tattoos?


I agree with the comments below that yes your lower tattoos will be completely gone and the upper tattoos below your breasts will be slightly stretched. Good luck!

Fereydoon S. Mahjouri, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Planning around tattoos

I'm not sure any of your tattoos need to be sacrificed. Planning of the operation can be modified to a certain extent.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck

Your tatoos will almost certainly be moved, or possible removed completely. Occasionally there are ways to work around this. An in person consultation will help you decide what is best for you

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tucks and tatoos

Tummy tucks typically removes the skin below the belly button and any scar tissue or tattoos present.  The skin above the belly button up to the rib cage is stretched over twice the distance, and any tattoos may be distorted if they are in this region.

Tummy Tuck and Tattoos


Based on your tattoo locations you will see displacement of the feather tattoos and partial removal of the ones located at your hips. Patients with tattoos always have the option of having a consultation with a plastic surgeon in person first to best evaluate how extensive the tummy tuck needs to be. And then decide to remove them before the surgery, remove them after the surgery with laser tattoo removal or cover up with a new tattoo post surgery. Best of luck!

Mel T. Ortega, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and tattoos


Thanks for the question - the feathers will be stretched slightly but definitely not removed.  Not sure if the entirety of the lower tattoos will be completely removed.  Best to determine in person.  Best of luck.

Christopher J. Davidson, MD, FACS
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon
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Will a Tummy Tuck Move my Tattoos?


You upper tattoo will come down a bit due to the stretch and your lower tattoo will go.

You should mention this to your PS who can then place the incision at the appropriate location

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Tattoos Can Be Affected By Abdominoplasty in Many Ways


It’s not uncommon for patients with redundant abdominal tissue to also have tattoos.  When they request abdominoplasty they are concerned about how this procedure will affect their tattoos.  In many cases they want them removed, while in other cases, they have sentimental value and they want them preserved.
Every patient has unique aesthetic goals and specific anatomic findings which ultimately impact their result.  Tattoos can be affected by abdominoplasty in multiple ways.  They can lie in the field of resection and disappear with surgery or they can be stretched by skin pull during wound closure.
In your case, your lower abdominal tattoos will most likely be resected during surgery, while your upper abdominal tattoos will potentially be stretched when a traditional abdominoplasty is performed.
It’s important that you discuss your aesthetic goals with your plastic surgeon.  There is the potential for modification of the procedure to help accomplish your specific goals.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck for Tattoo removal.


If the tattoos are in the area to be resected, (removed), they will be gone, replaced by a scar.  It looks from your photos that the lower ones may me able to be taken out, depending how low the incision is.  Because there will be tension, some streching of the upper tattoos may occur.  Best to speak with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Tell him/her your goals.  Together, you will be able to decide on a plan.

Jeffrey Roth, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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