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Can there be a delayed reaction to a lip filler? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected in my lips in late May. I have had it before with no problem. I had a lot of swelling this time but it resolved in a couple of days. In the last week, I began an activated B supplement. My lips started out just feeling chapped. Now they burn and itch and weep some. they just swell, split and weep. The weeping is clear. it is very uncomfortable. I took benadryl tonight in the hopes I can get some rest.

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Lip allergy reaction

The symptoms you describe are pretty classic for an urticarial (hive-like) allergic reaction.  In fact, larger, very swollen hives will often go from itching to burning/tenderness followed by oozing of yellow or clear fluid.  This occurs when people are allergic to bug bites and poison ivy too.  It is very unlikely that it is from Juvederm injected in May and much more likely from something you did in the past few days like take that new activated B supplement.  Benadry, other oral and topical antihistamines are helpful.  If you have any tongue or throat swelling, it could be more serious and needs urgent attention.  Either way, I recommend you stop that supplement and see a physician ASAP.

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