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Treatments for Overactive Flushing/Redness in Face?

I am mex/irish with very fair skin on my body, but my face has been plagued with somewhat extreme redness. It's mostly on my chin/cheeks, but it affects my entire face. I don't believe it is rosacea as my face is rarely prone to acne/bumps, and I have no specific triggers. It's just red all day/every day. My skin is very sensitive, so I rarely wear makeup, and never go out without 110 spf sunscreen. This is a huge hit on my self-esteem, and I'd do just about anything to make it go away.

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Redness of face


Hi, it can still be Rosacea. But you are ALSO just very sensitive the sun. I know you wear sunscreen but the type of sunscreen you put on matters. Look for sunscreen that contains zinc oxide, the higher the concentration, the better. There is a brand called Solbar, its pretty cheap and really good. I would put it on everyday. Also, wear  a hat. I recommend going in and have you dermatologist to take a look at you to make sure you don't have Rosacea, or lupus. etc. Also, for Rosacea you can go on a combination of doxycyclin, metrogel, finacea and I have seen great improvement with that. You can also try Vbeam laser, very good improvement for redness on the face. Typically, Dr. Behnam.

Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon
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Facial redness


Without triggers, there may not be a systemic chemical imbalance, but other systemic causes should be ruled out by seeing a dermatologist or rheumatologist who can examine you and take a detailed history.  Rosacea can exist for many people without the bumps or pustules and should this be the diagnosis that is maintained, then the V-beam laser is very helpful as maintentance treatment, but it is not a cure.  Skin Medica's redness relief cream has helped many individuals but with any product, one should do a test spot first, small, to make certain the skin, especially sensitive skin, does not get irritated! This should only be recommended once seen by a doctor.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist
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