I've Been Told That Internal Swelling from a Septoplasty Could Last a Few Months. True?

Went in for septoplasty surgery to take care of difficulty breathing through my right nostril in October. Now December I am still having difficulty breathing through that nostril. When I had my last appointment with my ENT doctor a month ago and asked about the breathing he said no further surgery could be performed, that internal swelling could last a few months after the operation and that that could be partly the reason for the blockage. If it's not the swelling, can I do anything else?

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Internal swelling two months after septoplasty

Swelling after a septoplasy is normal.  It may take up to six months for the swelling to completely subside.  The structural component of your breathing problems has been corrected by the septoplasty, the lining of your nose is still swollen and this is not abnormal after two months.  Continue using saline nasal rinses and a humidifier ar night.

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