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Toe Nail Fungus or Melanoma?

I have toe nail fungus and I just noticed a dark asymmetrical spot coming in as my nail is growing could it be a melanoma?

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It Is Possible

It is possible to develop melanoma in the nail matrix, which is the cell line that grows your nail plate.  This would cause a brown or black line in the actual nail plate itself.  Sometimes, this can cause dyspigmentation at the nail cuticle as well called a "Hutchinson's sign" but not always.  The best way to determine if you have a melanoma, or just abnormal nail coloring from the fungus, is to see a Dermatologist in person.  The Dermatologist can generally look at the nail/finger itself and determine the diagnosis, but occasionally, he/she may need to do a biopsy as well to rule out the diagnosis of melanoma.  As melanoma is a very aggressive and potentially life threatening condition, I would recommend having the evaluation quickly.  I hope that helps.

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Dark Spot on Your Toenail

I would advise you to have your dermatologist examine this dark spot.  There are certain types of fungal and bacterial infections of the toenail that can give a dark appearance, but melanoma can cause this, as well.  It is best to have a dermatologist examine it and determine what the cause may be.

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