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Thickening and Evening Out My Earlobes? One is Blown Out and Both Are Stretched? (photo)

Hello! My name is Joe, and I am 18 years old. I have stretched earlobes that i purposely stretched, and they are getting thin and uneven looking, since they have variable thicknesses. Is there any sort of surgery to even them out and thicken them to the same thickness? One of them is blown out, so it is thicker on the bottom than the other. I would like to stretch them bigger but one is getting thin. How much would this cost? Thanks a lot! 

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Uneven stretched earlobe.

Thank you for you questions and photos. From your description, your earlobe are so stretched and more likely going to split if you continue expanding them. Unfortunately there is no procedure to even them out. But, there is a procedure to correct split earlobe. 

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