What is the largest implant that I can get with a 10.5" BWD?

I have the Natrelle style 20 325cc & 350cc. I am curious to see what would be the largest that I can safely go to fit my small BWD if I choose to upsize in the future?

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Breast implant size and breast base width

Thank you for your question.  At 350 cc you are at the maximum for your breast width of 10.5 cm.  To go larger you will have to change to a high profile or alter high profile breast implant which will significantly increase your projection but make your breast with less.

Breast implants size should be based on an objective range

Thanks for this question.  You have a very narrow base width and there will be a limit to the size of implant that you can use if you do not want to have breast overhanging on the side.  I would imagine that the Style 20 Allergan 350 is pushing the envelop for your size.  They do make an UHP, ultra high profile implant but I rarely recommend this implant as it is too dense and is more likely to cause bottoming out.  

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Choosing the Correct Implant

Thank you for your question about breast augmentation.
Choosing the right implant is your second most important decision .After choosing the right surgeon!
Implant choices are scary because they can be complicated.
  • Size depends on your height, weight, chest circumference, chest measurements, skin looseness, goals and much more.You really need your plastic surgeon to work with you to help you find the right one. The answers aren't found on-line.
  • Bra sizes are misleading - the same woman can wear a B, C or D cup, depending on bra style and manufacturer.
  • Photos are misleading too - implants look different in different people and an implant can look much larger or smaller in a photo than it will look on you.
  • As a general rule - but it may not apply to you - an implant of 300 or below adds a cup size or less, 350 - 450 adds two cup sizes.
  • Larger implants are fashionable but harder to live with long-term.
When in doubt, return to your plastic surgeon for a second measurement or fitting  .Or get a second opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before your surgery.Don't panic - implant size differences can be subtle.Chances are you will be very pleased with your choice!Hope this helps.
Best wishes.

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