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What is the Typical Price Range for Gum Grafting and is It Worth It? (photo)

Can in the long run, not getting it done cause tooth loss, if not done? Also can gum recession ( periodontist told me my situation is due to heavy brushing) cause lower jaw pain. I ask myself how is that possible if the gum recession is on my upper jaw tooths and not lower jaw tooths (lower jaw tooths have no recession). The canine tooth and first premolar tooth on both sides of my upper teeth (both left &right side) have gum recession and need gum grafting (4 tooths in total).

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Gum recession

There are different causes for recession:  1. aggressive brushing, 2. orthodontic treatment, 3. concave abfraction lesions on the roots of your teeth which are caused by clenching and grinding (this cause for recession is controversial , however in your case could explain your lower jaw pain, mobility of the tooth with recession), 4. smoking, the angulation and prominence of the roots in the arch, 5. your genetically defined thickness of the gum .    The extent of recession will dictate if you need to have the sites treated.  you will need to see a Priodontist for exam, let them see what might have caused the problem, get recommendations on how to prevent further recession,  have gum graft to cover the exposed roots.  the treatment is worth it, since it will reduce the risk of further recession, root decay and bone loss.  By looking at the pictures you have submitted, this is the time to have the sites treated, as the recession progresses, we can not predictably get a good result covering the exposed roots. 

Toronto Periodontist

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Gum Grafting and Recession

Hi nyc13...overzealous brushing can cause gingival recession, but not jaw pain. When you are just beginning to experience recession, your dentist may suggest dental bonding to cover exposed dentin to eliminate tooth sensitivity.  Bonding will not alter appearance of your gums. Tissue grafting is the only method to replace gum tissue that has recessed. Make sure you do not brush hard and use a soft bristle brush! The cost for two teeth on one side and two teeth on the other (4) all totaled  would run  around $2,400. Try to brush carefully and not so hard and see if the recession stops. Make sure you speak with two other doctors before you pursue this any further.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Cosmetic Dentist

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