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What is the Mortality Rate for a Tummy Tuck with Breast Augmentation and Lift?

I am really considering a mommy makeover, but I have a friend who knows of 2 people who have died from a tummy was over 10 years ago. Has the risk went down as technology improves? How do you go about finding your surgeons complication rates?

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Mortality from surgery

I think that in general, tummy tucks are safe provided that the patiens is healthy. I make sure that all patients are carefully screened and if necessary have them obtain medical clearance from their doctor.

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Longer surgery worst pronostics

if the  patient completelly  fullfill the whole requirements, analsiis ok, age ,seize and weight ok

any smokeer,any hypertension, any cardiological problem, any diabetes, it has been taken the whole cautions ( leg intermitent comprehension, termic couchon etc) and  with any certified  plastic  surgeon  then  the mortality rate is cero ",

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