Best Laser Hair Removal For African American Skin?

What is the best method of laser hair removal for people of darker skin example ; african women? And would a single method of laser hair removal suffice for under the chin hairs, arm pit hairs, belly hairs, hair on breasts, arms, legs, upper lips, side burns, toes, buttocks or different kinds of laser hair removal methods have to be used? Yes I am very hairy and need help.

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Laser Hair Removal for African American Skin

Laser hair removal can be safe for African-American men and women. However, it is critical that the correct laser is used, and that the laser treatment is administered by an experienced laser technician in a laser center owned and operated by a physician.
The most effective and safest laser for African-American men and women, is a long pulsed nd yag laser. This laser has the ability to bypass the melanin in the surface of the skin and target the root of the hair.
Laser hair removal can also work wonders on folliculitis. Hair does not need to be grown out prior to a treatment, in fact, it must be shaved to the rot of the hair absorbs the laser energy.

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Gentleyag for African American Skin


The GentleYAG is FDA cleared to treat all skin types, including tanned and African American skin. It offers capabilities in permanent hair reduction and vascular lesions. The GentleYAG has a 1064nm wavelength. Deep penetration with minimal scattering of laser energy makes GentleYAG ideal for all skin types, especially dark and tanned skin. A single method would suffice for treating multiple areas. However, multiple treatments are needed. Hair is destroyed only during the active phase of the growth cycle. As a result of these staggered growth cycles, patients usually require multiple treatments  6 to 8 weeks apart for long-term hair removal results.

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Hello thanks for your question.


Yes, you can safely remove hair anywhere on your body with any skin tone with an ND-Yag Laser. This laser can detect the contrast between your skin color and melanin in your hair and safely remove the hair. An IPL laser would NOT work for you as it works better in lighter-skinned individuals. The ND-Yag works on everyone of every skin type as long as your hair has pigment, in other words, if you have white hair or blonde hair, the laser will not work. Hope this is helpful!

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Best Laser Hair Removal For African American Skin


A wide variety of medical lasers and light systems are used to remove unwanted hair, however most lasers are not effective for all skin types and hair colors. The Elos laser hair removal system is designed for permanent hair reduction by combining both optical and radiofrequency energy to deliver satisfying, longer lasting results with less discomfort than previous laser systems. All skin and all hair colors including gray and blonde hair are effectively treated. Faces, backs, arms, legs, faces, and bikini lines can be treated including those individuals with darkly pigmented skin. Treatments are administered every 4 weeks and generally 3 to 5 treatments are sufficient.

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