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Mentor Memory Gel Silicone Implants Vs Sientra HIGHLY Cohesive Form-stable Gummy Bear Implants?

I have been researching on silicone implants available. The information I found has not been consistent. How many different types silicone implants are there in terms of cohesive vs. liquid gel vs. form-stable? I know there are 3 companies making the products, just wondering how many types of silicone being use in terms of components and characteristics.

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Cohesive and form stable, the difference is broad


There are many types of silicone gel implants, and one of the characteristics is the cohesiveness or 'flow' in the silicone gel. The standard gels have a soft flow allowing the implant to shape and blend within the breast. More cohesive gels such as the Memory gel less so. And at the far end are form stable gels that resist flow altogether and maintain the same shape such as the Sientra one you mention. All implants have a purpose and come with trade offs as there is no one 'best'. Careful research and several consultations should get you the information you need.

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