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Whats the Sientra Breast Implant?

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Which brand of breast implants is best?

In my opinion Sientra , Natrellle and Mentor breast implants are somewhat  similar in profile, performance and durability.  No single company provides every size I would like to use for my patients, so I use more than one brand. I feel like it is my responsibility to know about all the implants,their sizes, shapes and unique characteristics.

I strongly recommend selecting your surgeon based on training, experience and aesthetic sensibility rather than on the basis of which brand of breast implant they typically use. 

You can give two chefs the same recipe but the outcome may be very different. Take time doing research on your plastic surgeon. Excellent surgical training and lots and lots of consistent photos are a must.

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The new breast implant on the block


Sientra breast implants are a new implant manufacturer that was just FDA approved.  They have breast expander's for reconstruction, as well as silicone breast implants, and the new "form stable" implants that have a textured surface and are more of the new generation of "gummy bear" style.  Since 1992 there have only been two companies that have sold breast implants in the USA, Allergan (which were McGhan, then Inamed then sold to Allergan) and Mentor (recently sold to J&J).  The CEO of Inamed from the 90's is the CEO of Sientra.  It is always good for the consumer to have more choices, and this ultimately gives them more options, and usually helps with the price.  I am very happy to have them join in the business.

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Sientra implants


as noted below   this is the newest company in the US but has been one of the largest distributers of implants internationally for over 30 years.

they also have anatomic implants that have been available to compete with the allergan natrelle 410 implant just made available by the FDA

Sientra implants are only sold to be used by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

unlike the other companies who sell to any surgeon irregardless of training.


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New Silicone Breast Implant Available from Sientra


New Silicone Breast Implant Available from Sientra
My experience is that both Mentor (made by J&J) and Natrelle implants (made by Allergan) are excellent implants with ethical back up from their parent companies. That is all that has been available in the USA until now. Starting in 2012, patients will have another option for  silicone breast implants from another solid company. Silimed. Competition is always great for patients. Patients can choose an implant from Sientra (Silimed) a world leader in breast implant (and other silicone implants). Prospective breast augmentation patients should now be aware that the FDA has approved a new silicone gel-filled breast implant made by Sientra, Inc. Being FDA approved means it is a safe product equal to the standard for Natrelle and Mentor. The Biggest Difference which was just announced by Sientra at the American Aesthetic Meeting in Vancouver May 2012, is that they will only be sold to Board Eligible or Board Certified Plastic Surgery.This is not true for Allergan or Mentor who sell their products to anyone, whether trained or not. This is a great safety factor for patients.

The implants will be available for women at least 22 years old seeking augmentation surgery, and women of any age seeking breast reconstruction surgery.
Silicone gel-filled breast implants are medical devices implanted under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle for breast augmentation or reconstruction. These implants have a silicone outer shell that is filled with silicone gel. They come in different sizes and have either smooth or textured shells.
This approval introduces a third company into the U.S. breast implant market, which previously consisted only of Allergan and Mentor.
The deputy director for for science at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Dr. William Maisel, commented that although silicone gel-filled breast implants have demonstrated consistent safety, “It’s important to remember that breast implants are not lifetime devices. Women should fully understand risks associated with breast implants before considering augmentation or reconstruction surgery, and recognize that long-term monitoring is essential.”
The approval of these new implants follows a 3-year study involving clinical trials of the implants on 1,788 women.
As a condition of the approval, Sientra will carry out five- and ten-year studies into the long-term health effects of their implants.
Source: FDA – FDA approves new silicone gel-filled breast implant

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Sientra Implants


thank you for your question.

Sientra is the recently FDA approved company that carries silicone gel breast implants.  We haven't received any information yet as to what this company will offer our patients.

I think everyone will start hearing things regarding this company in the next few months.


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The New Breast Implant on the Block


Sientra Breast Implants have recently been FDA approved and will soon be available. This company has a form stable implant that is teardrop shaped that will generate lots of discussion over the next year. There has been lots of controversy over the usefulness of this type of implant and what its applications will be. I do think that this company and type of implant will have a significant impact on Breast Augmentation, but their application will be very specific. If interested contact your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options. They are not currently available in the american cosmetic market but will be soon.

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Sientra / Silimed Breast Implants


Sientra, based in Santa Barbara, CA, received FDA approval for the Silimed breast implant product line this month. This includes saline, silicone gel and form stable (gummy bear) breast implants. The implants, while FDA approved, are not yet available. and the details for availabilty are still forthcoming. I posted an article in the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog on March 9th, the day of the FDA's approval.

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