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What is the Difference Between Ulthera and Harmony®XL (Laser 360)?

I tried Ulthera but really didn't see any change at all, although I am nowhere near the age or need for a facelift. I recently heard about the Laser 360. Does it prove more effective for tightening skin than Ulthera?

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Ulthera currently is the only FDA cleared device to lift the skin

other lasers and energy sources are not yet FDA-cleared for facial lifting. Ultherapy is. The focused intense ultrasound energy goes up to 4.5 millimeters (about a 1/4 of an inch) deep in the dermis to produce collagen and tighten the skin while lifting it. It takes up to six months to see the improvement.

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Ultherapy Lift takes time - Alma's 360 is not similar technology or purpose

It would be good to know how long it has been since you had your Ultherapy treatment - and your age. But without that information, it is of note that the technologies are very different in function and purpose.

Ultherapy is an ultrasound-based energy treatment that reaches very deep levels in the skin. Is it this "deep reach" that gives Ultherapy its impact in firming and lifting. It takes time for Ultherapy to show results because it is your body's response that gives the end result and this final response level could take up to 6 months after the treatment to be realized.

Age affects how well and how quickly most any tightening treatment works for you. The older you are, the slower and less effective your body is at generating new collagen. We're on the front end of Ultherapy and it could be that older patients will be happier with more than one treatment.

Alma's 360 is a triple action system which combines intense pulsed light (to reduce red and brown coloration on the skin from pigmentation and broken capillaries; infrared heat for a mild tightening effect and fractional laser for resurfacing. So there really is no direct comparison available.


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