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What is the Difference Between TriPollar and Ultherapy?

What is the difference between TriPollar and Ultherapy?

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Tripollar is painless while Ultherapry may require pain medication.

One difference between the two treatments is the source of heat. Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound technology to heat the skin while TriPollar uses radiofrequency technology to heat the skin. Another difference between Ultherapy and TriPollar is the amount of pain experienced by the patient during the procedure. Ultherapy can be uncomfortable and may require the patient to take pain medication proir to the procedure to make the treatment more tolerable. Meanwhile, TriPollar is painless and does not require any type of anesthesia or pain medication to tolerate the procedure.


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Ultherapy and Tripollar

Ultherapy is FDA cleared for non-invasive facial lifting.  It is deep focused ultrasound energy that heats the tissues and causes immediate contraction of the deep connective tissue layer and helps develop collagen production for more than six months after treatment.  Additional uses for contour change are being explored.  Tripollar uses radiofrequency and may not induce tissue tightening but help temporarily improve contour changes. Ultherapy does cause discomfort during treatment but it is manageable for the overwhelming majority of patients and it is the only currently FDA-approved tissue lifitng device. Exilis, Liposonix, Tripollar and CoolSculpting by Zeltiq can create non-invasive contour changes.

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