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What is the Average Cost of a Neck and Jowl Facelift in Phoenix, AZ?

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Here is a link the average cost of Facelifts and Necklifts in your area.

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Face and Neck Lift Costs


   Most face and neck lifts are at least $10,000.  Some charge significantly more than that.  If you would like eyelid surgery or facial fat grafting, that would be an additional amount.

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The price of neck and jowl facelifts


The price of a facelift, or of any procedure for that matter, depends on the expertise and the training of the surgeon, and vary widely by geographical area.  Where the procedure is done (hospital, ASC, or office and type of anesthesia also factor into the equation. You do not want to pick the cheapest (there is nothing more expensive than having to go to another surgeon to fix the results of the first) and not necessarily the most expensive either.  Pick a surgeon who has had a lot of experience and view before and after photos critically.  Pick someone who specializes in facial surgery and in whom you have confidence and trust.

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It can vary quite a bit



Thank you for the question.  Think of a facial rejuvenation procedure as getting a room or a house painted.  The cost of doing so will depend on the quality of the paint used, how much time is spent on the details, and also on the company since a company with a more established name will likely charge more.  First you should consider what you would like to accomplish and then take note that you will tend to get what you paid for.

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