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How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants?

How Much Swelling Should I Expect with a Bone Graft Done for Dental Implants? Is the swelling noticeable to others?

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Swelling from bone grafting


Amount of swelling depends on the type of grafting, size of defect being grafted, and patient's individual physiology. It's best to administer steroids peri-operatively and make sure to apply ice for at least 24 hours to help reduce swelling. Most of the swelling resolves in 10-14 days after surgery.


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Swelling After Bone Grafting Surgery


As previously mentioned the amount of swelling will depend on the type of bone grafting procedure that is performed.  Every patient is different as well.  No one person's physiolgy is the same as another's. The type of graft ( is a block of bone being taken from another area and being placed in another area?, if bone is harvested from another site, there will be swelling in two areas). The size of the area being grafted will also determine the amount of swelling.  The use of Growth factors like Bone morphogenic protein cause a significant amout of swelling initially also.  I routine bone graft for socket preservation for a future implant with bottled particulate bone causes minimal swelling.  Talk to your surgeon and he/she will be happy to discuss this with you as well.  Most swelling peaks at 48-72 hrs after surgery then begins to dissipate.  Ice packs will help as well for the first 24 hours

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