Surgicial Options for Stretch Marks Down the Sides of Body

I have stretch marks down the sides of my body. Under my arms and down to my waist. I have them on my stomach too. I know a tummy tuck can take care of the front stretch marks below the belly button but what are the options for my sides? Is there any way I can have this skin cut too? I would rather have one long scar instead of 20 some little scars on my sides. I'm too shy to upload a picture. Sorry.

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Stretch marks may respond to laser

if they are new, reddish stretch marks, the KTP or pulsed dye lasers or even topical retin A can help

all stretch marks may respond to fractionated carbon dioxide laser (better known as Fraxel which is a brand of laser-there are many competing lasers that are just as effective). if I were you, I'd ask the doctor to perform a small test area at minimal charge to make sure the laser actually works before committing to an extensive session. I'd also find a doctor that doesn't charge you a "package" and just let you pay treatment by treatment so that you don't waste your money since it is unknown how many sessions will be required

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