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What Supplements Are Best for Smart Lipo Recovery?

I was told to take Arnica orally and that the gel has not been proven to work. Also, I have read on here that Bromelain is also a good supplment post proceedure to help. Please adivse, do these really work?

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Supplements best for Smart Lipo recovery


As stated Arnica and Bromelein are best for any cosmetic surgery recovery. I have been using these for over 20 years. Best found in health food stores.


Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Supplements for recovery from smart liposuction


Regardless of which type of liposuction you undergo, make sure that any supplement you consider taking is approved by your surgeon. An early study by Dr. Corey Maas in San Francisco, showed that patients taking the Arnica during facelift surgery recovery did have less bruising than those patients who did not take the arnica. The sample size was small however and more and more physicians are recommending the product because of anecdotal reports that it's beneficial.

Manhattan Dermatologist
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Arnica and/or Bromelain for bruising after cosmetic or plastic surgery


The vast majorityof reports on Bromelain and Arnica are anectodal or reported my the medication manufacturers/distribtutors. It is extremelyh difficult to conduct an effective study to evaluate these supplements and so there is little strong evidence to support their use. However, the risks of taking them are considered relatively low and so they are advised in an effort to diminish bruising.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Supplements for liposuction


I am not a big fan of the supplements. The literature does not show efficacy for Arnica or Bromelain.  Sometimes the companies that supply these products add other things that can impact the results. They are not FDA regulated usually.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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