Stingy, Red Rash AFTER Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 weeks ago. I developed a red, warm-to-touch, smooth rash on the entire bottom half of both of my breasts about 3 weeks ago. As my doctor suggested, I have tried anti-fungal topical creams but nothing has worked. My incisions have all healed. One doctor told me 3-4% of women develop this rash after breast reduction. He doesn't know why but thinks it might be an allergic reaction to the prep solution used. Any ideas about this rash and cures?

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Without actually seeing you it’s hard to give accurate advice. Getting a rash after surgery does happen to patient’s that have very sensitive skin. Depending on what kind of rash it is you can apply hydrocortisone to help. If you Doctor recommended something make sure you listen to his care instruction’s.



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