How Long Does an Average Breast Reduction Surgery Take?

My sister had a breast reduction several years ago in another city, and her operation took 3-4 hours with two surgeons working at the same time. I had a BR surgery recently, I have similiar size with my sister. but in my case, I got 500 g taken from each breast, my breast shrank from a 75G to C, done by one surgeon, but took less than 1.5 hours. Is it normal?

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Breast reduction

A breast reduction typically takes about 3 hours whether there is one or two surgeons.  I always do both sides myself and have never found that two surgeons speeds things up that much.  The most important thing is whether you are pleased with your result, not the amount of time it took.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Thank you for the question. The national average is about three hours depending on the type.
It takes me on an average of five hours to perform the same breast reduction procedure. The reason for that is I sit you up and down several times making sure both sides are symmetrical, and I am the ONLY one that closes your incisions. Many surgeons allow their techs to close. Make sure to ask your doctor. I hope this has helped.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

The duration of surgery is dependent upon many factors including the skill and experience level of the surgeon(s) and the amount of work required by each individual patient.  At my clinic, I am able to perform breast redcutions in approximately 1.5 hours but sometimes it may take a little longer if the indvidual patient has a more complicated situation.  Be sure to discuss with your surgeon how much time they spend on an average breast redcution surgery.

Breast Reduction operative time

The time involved in performing a breast reduction will vary on the size of the breast. For reductions on the smaller size ( 150-300grams) or large ( greater than 600 grams) the time will vary from about 2 hours to 3 hours. I always perform the procedure myself and do not let any assistant either resect the breast tissue or suture.




Each practice is different, the length of time of your surgery sounds more normal. Your sister’s sound like it was too long. Did she have other procedure done at the same time? If everything came out fine for her and you should be ok.


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Breast Reduction Surgical Time?

You will find that the  duration of any surgical procedure will vary from one surgeon to another; the time periods that you mentioned in your question  are consistent with a faster versus an average length of duration for breast reduction surgery. Whether an operation takes a shorter or longer period of time does not necessarily correlate with the quality of work performed.

 Hopefully you will be pleased with the results of surgery; breast reduction surgery tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

 Best wishes.

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