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Son's Scar (Chin) Has a White (Pimple Like) Bump?

My son fell a week and a half ago off his bike and sustained a laceration along his chin. He is 3 and a half. The plastic surgeon said he actually crushed the tissue open (to the bone) He used non-absorbable stitches on the exterior (6) that we had removed almost a week after they were put in. (removed 3 days ago) His scar has been looking ok, but I noticed this morning, the worst (darkest side) has a small white pimple like bump on the scar line. Is this normal, or a problematic?

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Laceration scar


Hi, it sounds like there might have been two layers of stitches. The deeper layer of stitches dissolves over time and sometimes they can cause a little irritation on the skin (like a pimple). These usually are not a major issue. Lacerations usually heal up well and it sounds like you had a well trained physician do the repair. It will take some time, even with the best sewing, for the scar to start looking good. I would follow up with your physician as scheduled and just keep any scab from forming on the suture line. 

Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar in a child



This could be a small reaction to the stitch material. Though non-absorbable stitches have been used outside, they may have used some dissolving stitches on the inside. I would expect it to settle.

Do massage the scar with moisturising cream and avoid any prolonged direct sunlight for the next few months.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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