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SmoothBeam and Fraxel Side Effects?

I'm asian and had the smoothbeam procedure performed on my face and neck on 9/02. Post procedure overnight I had developed tiny moon shaped patterns all over my face as well as neck.

I had called the Laser Center the following day informing them of the abnormal reaction and when I had gone in-person for a check-up on 9/04 another doctor had decided to perfom an emergency fraxel session on my face and neck to help the moon shaped patterns fade.

Post Smoothbeam/fraxel my entire face and neck started peeling and after four days the peeling had ended and my face was reddish/pink without any signs of the moon shaped formations that were caused by the smoothbeam.

My skin was looking normal until about two days ago when out of the blue my face and neck started to darken up significantly compared to the areas around my eyes which were not treated by any form of laser. It's been about three days since the bronzing phase started and now it all seems like uneven splotches of brown and some of the moon formations have resurfaced on my skin but in a lighter shade than before. The doctor had assured me that the brown splotches will eventually dissipate after another week or two but now I'm not so sure because the moon formations have resurfaced and they never saw that problem arising again.

I'm due back at the doctor's clinic for a second session of fraxel next month and was wondering if I should be getting another session of the treatment or should I be opting for other options to rid the moon formations and brown splotches? Do I have an abnormal reaction to the procedures? What can help alleviate the problem? I live in the New York area. Thank you.

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