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Smooth Implants Require Massage for Life?

My surgeon says I have to do massage forever if I choose smooth breast implants while not necessary for textured ones. I am sure any woman would often touch the breasts anyway, but the massage would be more complicated? I hear smooth ones move better but nipples don't synchronize, so it might look unnatural anyway.... Is that true? I am talking about putting them under the muscle.

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Post Operative Massage After Smooth Saline or Silicone Implants


The care for all types of breast implants above or below the pectoral muscle, in my professional experience, is to do massage at least for the first year once or twice a day methodically. After that, it really does not matter significantly. In primary breast augmentation, I do use Smooth saline or silicone implants in a vast majority of cosmetic breast augmentation patients because they look and feel more natural when placed beneath the muscle.

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Massaging your breasts following placement of smooth surfaced implants may lower your risk for capsular contracture


The risk of hardness developing around implants behind the muscle is fairly low and significantly less than those place above the muscle. Despite unclear scientific evidence on "massaging" your breasts to lower the risk of capsular contracture, I instruct all my patients to perform this exercise and believe that it can make a difference.

In the early postoperative period, it is my opinion that this is the most important time to perform it and I have my patients initially do it several times per day. With time, it can be reduced to once a day which should not be inconvenient for most women. Longer term, it may not be necessary particularly with more active women.

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Smooth Implants Require Massage for Life?


You need to see in person a PS to discuss all these issue about breast implantss. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Massage of Breast Implants


Massage is proven to not make any difference in softness or any other measurable factor with breast implants, whether textured or not. Putting smooth implants under the muscle does result in statistically softer breasts. The breasts are the same softness using textured implants, either above or under the muscle, as smooth sub-muscular implants. It, therefore, makes no difference which implant you use if you go sub-muscular. If you plan to use sub-glandular implants, you are better off using textured implants. If the implants are in the wrong position post operatively, it is due to where they were put at surgery. No amount of massage or manipulation will change that.

Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant massage has no proven benefit


Firstly, when you have a plastic surgeon you trust then you should go with his or her advice, but in my opinion there is no benefit to implant massage in most cases. A scar capsule normally forms around the implant, and it may be helpful to massage during the first couple of weeks as the scar capsule forms, but there is absolutely no evidence that it prevents capsular contracture. We use smooth implants routinely because they often feel softer and move more like a natural breast but I don't advise massage. It's more a matter of opinion than science.

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Breast implant massage is unproven to help soften an implant


Breast implant massage is an ongoing area of debate, and the actual benefit is unproven. We believe that submuscular placement will help keep the implants soft, and it is best to shape the pocket to fit the implant, and keep the breast still during recovery to allow the implant to meld and form with the breast. Massage is unlikely to prevent capsule contractures, and is of modest benefit once capsules have developed. Massage to expand a pocket? Again we prefer a soft implant with a 'hand-in-glove' fit as the breast and implant should move and feel as one.

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Implant massage


Although there are no strong scientific studies supporting that massage is better than not massaging with implants, I recommend it to my patients because I think it keeps the pocket open. 

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VIDEO: Breast implant massage for life


See VIDEO BELOW for instruction.
Breast massage is advised to maintain the immplant pocket, suppleness of the augmented breast and minimize capsular contracture. They may be discouraged in patients with excessively lax implanted breasts. See VIDEO BELOW for instruction.

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