Slim Lipo vs. Cool Sculpting for Belly Fat and Love Handles?

What is the best treatment to remove belly fat and love handles? Both treatments get about 80% of thumbs up on this website. The photos of smart lipo show better results, ie. more fat removed. It also seems to me that the coolsculpting in the end will be very expensive because you need 3-4 treatments while from the slim lipo only one. What do doctors that offer both treatments recommend? Thank you!

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Slim Lipo vs. Cool Sculpting

Slim Lipo is a type of laser assisted liposuction.  This is a surgical procedure that requires small incisions, infiltration of tumescent solution, laser delivery via a "wand" and then liposuction to remove the fat cells.  Again, this is a surgical procedure and the outcome is going to greatly depend on the skill of the surgeon you have chosen.  

Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical procedure used to remove fat in targeted areas.  It requires multiple treatments and has varied results.  Some people respond very well to non-invasive fat reduction, while others do not.  Visit an experienced plastic surgeon who performs both liposuction and Cool Sculpting to get better recommendations on which is best for you.

Trey Aquadro, M.D.
Auburn, AL

Coolsculpting versus slimlipo.

Coolsculpting is a very effective way to reduce fatty tissue in small areas of concern. Laser lipolysis can mean different things depending on where you go. In our practice, I use laser assisted liposuction (Slimlipo) to help tighten the skin in addition to reducing the fat. In general, I find liposuction gives me more flexibility and capabilities to achieve my patient's goal, but I still have a great number of patients who opt for the non-invasive option. I recommend going to a plastic surgeon who offers Coolsculpting as well as other surgical options for you to compare. I was the first plastic surgeon in Houston to adopt Coolsculpting in their practice and still find it a very usual option for my patients. We even brought on more devices so we can shorten the treatment time for patients who opt for multiple treatment areas.

CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

In my practice I offer both CoolSculpting and tumescent liposuction, and I believe that each has wonderful applications. Liposuction ultimately allows the most control in contouring as it is easy to work my way around the whole body including areas like arms, abdomen, back, hips, thighs and knees. CoolSculpting can be done on many of the individual areas that you may be a candidate for liposuction for but is more of a solution for smaller trouble areas as opposed to a total body makeover type of solution. CoolSculpting does eliminate many of the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery in general which means that for individuals with particular trouble areas that they are looking to address it can be an incredible option.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 65 reviews

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Smart Lipo vs Cool Sculpting for Love Handles

You're right that the photos on the website show better results with smart lipo. That is because smart lipo is a surgical procedure where a laser fiber is delivered under the skin into the fat cells where they are directly destroyed. The fat remnants are then removed by liposuction so the final outcome is greater with smart liposuction than with cool sculpting. See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consult and treatment plan.

Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 9 reviews

Cool Sculpting vs Laser Liposuction

Cool Sculpting to me is a very consistent technology with reproducible results.  For liposuction I did not choose laser liposuction as a procedure for any of my patients.

CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

The only way to determine whether or not you could benefit from CoolSculpting or Liposuction is through a consultation.  By visiting a plastic surgery practice that offers both CoolSculpting and liposuction, you may be able to get the best possible answer. CoolSculpting is not a replacement for liposuction, but for people with small, isolated areas of fat, CoolSculpting can be a wonderful treatment with great results and no down time.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 66 reviews

Slim Lipo vs. CoolSculpting

Thank you for your question. I believe CoolSculpting is a better option because it is non-invasive and has very little downtime. However, the best treatment also depends on how much fat you want removed. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution for people who are obese, or a substitute for surgical methods such as liposuction. Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas they’d like to get rid of. Your doctor will determine if treatment is right for you during a one-on-one consultation.

Smart lipo versus Zeltiq

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is amazing since it is non-surgical.  Smart lipo is surgery with a laser. There have been several reports of seromas and other complications from smart lipo. Since  smart lipo is a surgical procedure -not everyone is a surgical candidate or wants surgery. Zeltiq was invented as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is great technique for freezing your fat in a given area by as much as 25% in one single treatment.  Zeltiq is highly effective, safe, non-surgical, and you can return to your work the same day after the procedure.  Be certain to consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in coolsculpting for the best cosmetic results.

Slim Lipo vs Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq)

Dear Misses T,

Comparing Zeltiq (Cool Sculpting) to Slim Lipo is not quite accurate:

Slim Lipo is based on a laser targeting the fat cells poorly possibly affecting neighboring tissues inducing side effects.

However, the Zeltiq will freeze the fat cells (cryoplipolysis) without affecting other tissues; the fat in the adipocytes (fat cells) will freeze at a controlled temperature inducing cellular apopotisis (programmed cell death) hence a permanent solution.


Personally, I recommend cool sculpting to my patients because of its commendable results without notable side effects. Offering Zeltiq treatments in my office attracts patients significantly for its great results.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 172 reviews

Slim lipo versus Coolsculpting

Slim lipo may produce better results than Coolsculpting, but keep in mind that Slim Lipo is invasive with a great recovery period and more downtime.  Coolsculpting has no downtime with very minimal discomfort and the results can be fantastic!

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