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How much does Picosure Tattoo Removal Cost?

I Have a Half Sleeve Tattoo How Much Will It Cost for Removal? 6 tattoos that add up to a half sleeve on my riight for arm all black ink how much will it cost each treatment

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PicoSure for Sleeve Tattoo Removal

The new PicoSure Laser for tattoo removal provides greater clearance in fewer treatments which means the costs actually decrease when compared to older Q-switch lasers.  Only an in-office consult can determine the actual estimated cost which varies by size from $250-$550 per treatment. My practice in Austin, Texas is one of the first to offer this service full-time.  The staff have been trained on the procedure by the manufacturer CynoSure, and our consultations are complimentary.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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The Cost of Tattoo Removal with PicoSure

The best way to get an accurate estimate on what the cost would be to remove your tattoo would be to get a consultation with a dermatologist. 

PicoSure is the newest tattoo removal device on the market. The new device provides greater clearance of the tattoo in less treatments. Generally, the cost of PicoSure treatments are running about 20% more than Q-Switch devices, because of advanced technology. 

Cost will also vary depending upon where you live. 

Margaret Weiss, MD
Baltimore Dermatologist
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Picosure Removes Tattoos Im Less Sessions Saving Money

Hi Joe,

Cost has many variables including geographical location of the center, complexity and size of the tattoo. However, black ink tends to be the quickest ink color to remove, assuming the artist created the tattoo with black ink only. I would suggest you schedule a consult for accurate treatment and cost info. In our experience, we are removing tattoos in less than half the time with older technology.

Dr. Ritacca

Daniel J. Ritacca, MD
Chicago Oculoplastic Surgeon
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PicoSure Cost

At our office we are currently pricing tattoo removal treatments with the PicoSure approximately 25% higher than tattoo removal treatments with older devices. Even with the slight premium in the per cost treatment, patients generally end up spending less out of pocket to remove their tattoos with the PicoSure. This is due to the fact that each treatment with the PicoSure results in greater clearance of the tattoos than older devices. We are seeing average treatment sessions for full tattoo removal cut in half compared to other devices.

Black ink responds very well with the PicoSure. Other colors, such as red, may respond better with other laser devices. Because each tattoo and each patient is different, The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery offers free tattoo removal consultations. This allows our providers to give our patients the most complete information for their particular tattoos.

Emil A. Tanghetti, MD
Sacramento Dermatologist
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Email consult for Picosure Pricing

We are in Atlanta.  If that is close enough for you to consider coming to us, we can give you an estimate if you send us an email with a picture, the dimensions, age, location, and previous treatments done.  Black ink does well but if it is a really solid tattoo it takes a lot of time for each treatment,.  We are shortening a solid black sleeve by just two inches at the wrist and each treatment takes over 3000 pulses, more than many which are larger but have less ink.

Rutledge Forney, MD
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon
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