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Hi ...4 Months Back , I applied dettol on my cheeks , on both sides , I think the dettol was contaminated , it gave me a burning sensation , I washed it straight away , Now after 3 months my skin is not recovering ,I went to the doctor he said I had eczema bcoz of dettol , and gave me hydroquinone cream,its been one month now , I hv been using hydroquinone and its not helping me at all.My marks are still there ,they appear to be a rash .please let me know what to do and how to get rid of them

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Laser Toning is Gold Standard Treatment for PIH


Lutronic VRM Spectra Laser Toning is the gold standard treatment for difficult, recalcitrant post-inflammatory hyperpgimentaton (PIH).  3-10 treatments at 1-4 week intervals combined with a topical fading cream is required.  Good luck.

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