Severe Hyperpigmentation on Face and Neck

I have severe case of hyper-pigmentation, face and neck are dark (as if done extreme labor under sun)& very fair body makes me two person with two skin tones. I use as follows 1. sunblock (Neutrogena SPF 70) - this blocks gives me extreme tan even when i am just sitting in my car, not actually under sun. 2. Gyclic peel 50% (once a month) 3. AHA cream at night 4. topical Vit C cream before sunblock. I am 30 yr old female. pls help, give me good sunblock which doesnt give me TAN

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Great Sunblocks


Some of the best sunblocks on the market are Tizo3, Solar Protection Formula, and Anthelios. Tizo3 and Solar protection formula may be purchased by calling a dermatologists office that dispenses it. Another website that sells anthelios and other sunscreens may be found online at ThinkGreenSunscreen.

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