Is Scar Repairex Cream Good for Scars? or I Should Go for Silicon Sheets?

i had breast lift and augmentation surgery & arm lift surgery 17 days ago and now my doc recomended scar repairex cream for my scars .. i know i should follow my doc but when i search online many ppl recomend silicon sheets or dermatix .. i just want to make sure that its the right product for me cuz my body alwayes cuz big ugly scars ..

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Scar care

Once the steristrips have fallen off, you may begin treating the scar with a scar treatment. I often recommend DERMATIX, a silicone gel that has helped my patients. Silicone Sheeting can also improve and speed healing. They can be cut to suit any shape and naturally conform to the contours of the affected areas of the body. They help by flattening and decreasing the visibility of your scars. Silicone sheets can be reused for months. They work on older scars and provide permanent results.

However, the best way to help your scars is just let your body deal with them and stay out of the sun for a year, as suntanning the scar may stain it permanently red or brown. This makes it more noticeable.

It takes about a year for scars to mature.

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