Which Scar Gel Would You Recommend for a 15 Year Old Keloid Scar? (photo)

I'm a Filipina, present age is 20 and a female. And I have this scar on my right upper body, about 2.5-3 inches below where my right bony clavicle area, and the keloid's size is of about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. I got this keloid last November 17, 1997 (how would i ever forget!?). Please help me on this one. I also have a keloid from a surgery that I had called salphingoopherectomy that took last November 6, 2010 (i guess November is not my lucky month). Dermatix doesn't work on me.

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Chest keloids and treatment with laser and injections

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Chest keloids are not easy to treat, but topical creams only play a partial role in resolution.  You would need a combination of IIT and laser to treat this chest keloid. 

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