Numbness After Scalp Injury

I injured my scalp a little over a month ago. It was cut to the bone from about 1 inch above one ear across the top to 2 inches above the other ear. I received 17 staples to close the deep laceration. After 11 days, staples were removed. The doctors said I was healing fine. My concern is that I still have numbness and even though its not painful, the top of my scalp seems to be swollen. Should i be concerned or is more healing time needed? No new pictures, difficult to see swelling in photos

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Numbness of scalp


Numbness of the scalp is due to the sensory nerves being severed by the trauma.  Usually overtime this improves but it may take a year or longer.

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Numbness is not uncommon after scalp injury


The numbness that you feel will contribute to a feeling of swelling in the area that is numb, regardless if you actually have any swelling. In addition, because much of the sensation across the top of the scalp is supplied by sensory nerves that run from the level of your eyebrows up and over your head, a deep cut will likely injure them and cause numbness behind the cut. 

Sensation may return to this area over the course of weeks to months. Often, when sensation first begins to return, you will have a feeling of "pins and needles," much like an arm or leg that has "fallen asleep" after having its circulation cut off and then is "waking up."

The doctors who repaired your laceration should be able to discuss your concerns with you in detail. I hope this general information helps, however!

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