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I have a Telangiectasia below lower lip. What are my best treatment options: Laser or Scleratherapy?

What are my best treatment options-laser vs. scleratherapy and what are side effects-area is 5mm X1mm-husband does not know I'm having this removed-as not covered by insurance-what can I expect and can I cover it with make up

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Laser or Sclerotherapy for Telangiectasia below lower lip

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Telangiectasias around mouth are the best and most safely treated with the pulsed-dye laser. 

Miami Dermatologist
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Consider laser for spider veins of the face

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The best treatment for veins of the face is a laser, I would not consider sclerotherapy on the face for fear of scarring.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Lip telangiectasia

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I would definitely recommend laser treatment for the telangiectasia under your lip. Given the size and location of the lesion,  laser will give you a very nice result. Specifically, a pulsed dye laser or 532nm KTP laser would be most effective. You can expect a small amount of swelling and there is a possibility of a small purplish bruise in this area which will resolve within a week. You can cover this area with concealer make up if you desire after treatment. Best wishes.

Kristin Baird, MD
Longmont Dermatologic Surgeon
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