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Retin-A for Thin Eye Lid Skin and Dark Circles?

Ive had dark circles since i could remeber. There a purple green color and I could see my veins, so I know for sure that its thin eye lid skin. One dermatologist said that Retin A could help if I use it for a long period of time, such as six months or more. So my question is , is it safe to use around the eyes? I have Retin A gel at the strength 0.04% How often should I use it. Thank you so much guys :)

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Fillers Work Well For Lightening Dark Circles and Improving Crinkles Under the Eyes


A nifty little technique for immediately lightening dark circles and reducing thin skin crinkles under the eyes is to inject a very tiny amount of Radiesse (a calcium-based filler) mixed with a Juvederm Ultra XC.  Being whitish, the Radiesse immediately helps to lighten the dark circles and the combination of these two fillers, when properly placed, revolumizes this area and goes a long way to immediately correcting the fine wrinkles and crinkles. A droplet of Botox injected there, as well, may further help reduce crinkling in properly selected cases. I have been using these techniques now for several years with very gratifying results and very grateful patients--even those who claim to have been born with dark circles. I find that long-term use of Retinoids, like Retin A, can work well for maintenance of the benefits derived from treatment.

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Thin Eyelid Skin


The thinking behind prolonged use of Retin A is the attempt to thicken the dermis and thereby reduce the dark reflection of the eyelid muscles as well as the visibility of the underlying veins. A more effective approach may be microfat transfer to place a small layer of fat between the skin and eyelid muscle reducing the dark reflection as well as improving the texture of the eyelid skin. 

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I recommend Retin-A for wrinkles


I recommend Retin-A for wrinkles around the eyes and lips, but I don't believe it will have any affect on veins. If you have thin skin and can see the veins there, I would suggest you consult with a physician who does facial sclerotherapy - not with a laser - but by injections. I think this is the only way to remove the small surface veins you are describing. Retin-A will be effective for overall skin tone and fine lines, but it doesn't affect veins and blood flow.

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