Removing Scars From Self-Inflicted Wounds? (photo)

About 2 years ago I had self inflicted a large wound. I had cut before but not this deep (and did not realize how sharp and deep it would end up) it was deep enough to need stitches but i was to afraid to tell my parents so i just kept it bandaged for a few months. Now i would like it gone. I know i can go to a doctor or dermatologist but i would like to try over the counter first. Also if someone could tell me what type of scar this is

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Cutting scars on the arms and legs


Sometimes cutting scars occur.  I have had great results with selective fractional resurfacing with the CO2 laser for these scars. 

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Scar Removal


The first issue is what constitutes a good scar.  All scars start out red, become raised like a pleat in a pair of pants, termed a healing ridge. and then with time and massage, flatten and fade to a white line.  They may stretch somewhat and that depends on the location and stretch forces at that location.  

Your scar is white and appears flat.  You are very lucky.  I don't know that it didn't come from a mole excision.

You have several options.  First of which is do nothing.  Second consider a local scar revision performed under local anesthesia which may provide you ultimately a thinner scar.  But, you will always have a scar.

Roger J. Friedman, MD
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