Pain After Implant Removal

i removed my breast implants 7 wks ago via fold incision. did not replace. no lift. they were under muscle. I have dull achy pain. When I reach or stretch my arms i feel a pull and tight/pain in upper breast area. Not sure if this is the actual breast or pec muscle pulling. Is this scar tissue? My PS seems to think so. Also have shoulder pain and shoulder blade pain on one side. Is all this normal 7 wks out? Will all this resolve itself? Should i do PT? If this is scar tissue will it eventually soften and stop pulling? I am concerned i will have this pain/pull permanently.

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Pain after implant removal

Most likely the pain you are experiencing is from post-operative changes and scarring. It may take a while for this to resolve( on the order of several months).  Follow closely with your doctor.

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Pain in chest with pulling and tugging after breast implant removal

In general, I would expect that this tightness and pulling will resolve. However, I have seen it take 6-9 months for the scar tissue to improve. External massage and range of motion exercises under the supervision of a PT may be beneficail

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Chest pain after explant

I think your Plastic suirgeon is right, there is still some swellig and scarring.

it is normal to have some pain , pull and stiffness.

Continue working with your plastic surgeon. you trusted him/her for the surgery, trust him/her after the surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
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