Recovery Time - Implant Removal and Capsulectomy?

I just scheduled my surgery for implant removal and capsulectomy for 12/21. I had my 380/360cc smooth saline implants put in 11 years ago submuscular. I missed 1 week of work, but only needed pain meds for the first two days (then switched to OTC and did just fine). Can I expect a similar recovery or will it be worse? Want to make sure I'm able to participate in Christmas activities.

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Discomfort should be les


Thank you for the question.  Most of the pain associated with a submuscular augmentation is from the muscle as you can imagine.  Implant removal and capsulectomy will not or at least should not involve the cutting of the muscle and therefore your discomfort should be much less.  Your activity restriction will be similar since too much activity can predispose you to hematoma formation or seroma formation .

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Dr Remus Repta 

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Recovery after Breast Implant Removal?

Most  patients who undergo breast implant removal surgery experience minimal discomfort compared to the initial operation. Barring complications, you should be able to participate in  non-strenuous Christmas activities.

 Best wishes with your upcoming procedure and Merry Christmas!

Breast implant removal and capsulectomy

I would agree with Dr. DeMars response and emphasize that there is no functional reason to perform a capsulectomy when removing most implants unless there is an abnormality in the capsule. Smooth surface saline breast implants can be removed through an old or new inframammary crease incision under local anesthesia with or without sedation and there is essentially no recovery except for the incision healing. Capsulectomy adds cost, risk, anesthesia requirements and still results in a scar tissue layer left where the implant was. The recovery would not be as involved as putting the implants in but would be much more involved than a simple removal. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Recovery Time

Usually what hurts most in breast surgery is creating the submuscular pocket. Removing the implants should be considerably less uncomfortable. A capsulectomy would add some to the minimal discomfort of simple removal of the implants. Often this is not necessary.

Best wishes.

Recovery after implant replacement and capsulectomy

yes you can theoretically expect a similar time frame for this recovery but you need to discuss that with your surgeon. he is in the best position to give you a good estimate about your recovery.

Recovery Time - Implant Removal and Capsulectomy?

Unless there is some pathology of your capsule, it would be unusual to do a capsectomy with saline implants. There is no problem caused by leaving the capsules in your body, it is simply scar tissue. Rarely a patient may have a small collection of fluid that has to be drained through a needle, but that risk is even higher with the capsulectomy. Your recovery should be a day or two if you only remove the implants.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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